The Assoinfluencer association enters the Italian Esports Observatory

In the context of a continuous evolution of digital entertainment, the trade association Assoinfluencer now joins the Italian Esports Observatory

The digital dimension of the Esports phenomenon, as it was inevitable, has created new professions and professionals of the web, the “streamers”. With their communities on online channels, these fall into the macro-category of influencers by right. For this reason, it was equally natural that the body that also protects this niche, theItalian Influencer Association, evolve to cope with the new ones needs. From now on, theInfluence join theItalian Esports Observatory to join forces to support a market in ascent.

The Italian Esports Observatory welcomes the partner with Assoinfluencer

L’Geese is the first platform B2B networking and training for operators e professionals of esports. From now on, the Italian Esports Observatory will be able to rely on Assoinfluencer and on the numerous ones initiatives made to monitor the sector of streaming and esports. Jacopo Ierussi, President of Assoinfluencer, declares: “It remains fundamental for a reality like ours, which means protect and promote the development and the recognition on the plane professional of this new category of workers, become part of an ambitious and forward-looking platform of networking which will allow us to go deeper into the world of sport as well as being a spokesperson for the needs of streamer“.

The Assoinfluencer association enters the Italian Esports Observatory

Thanks to this new one cooperation, the OIES adds a piece significant to the structure designed to accelerate the progress and knowledge of the market sports to brands outside the streaming environment e video games. In turn, Luigi Caputo ed Enrico Furniture, founders of OIES, comment: “the collaboration with Influence it also allows us to illuminate a lighthouse on the world b2c – they add – There are streamers of Twitch with hundreds of thousands of follower which have an undeniable strength of to influence the purchasing skills of their followers. This is also why it is important that you system them recognize, monitors them and frames them in the right patterns institutional“.

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