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The best apps to better enjoy the summer

The experts of Chatthe language learning platform that offers app and live lessons, have compiled a kit of apps and online resources ideal for making the most of every phase of the summer: used before leaving, during the holidays or upon returnallow you to spend a carefree summer season, full of relaxation and fun.

Babbel’s kit of apps and services before you leave

Here’s which application to use before leaving on vacation according to Babbel’s advice.

Packpointapp suggested by Babbel

This application, ideal for those who are always afraid of having forgotten something at home after leaving, allows you to create lists to pack in a simple way and By entering the destination, the number of days of overnight stay and the type of holiday (for example summer, winter or for work), the app automatically creates categories of objects to bring – such as documents, clothing and cosmetics. The suggestion list is very detailed and offers the possibility to tick off items as they are placed in the suitcase.


For those planning a holiday abroad, Chat is the perfect platform for both learning a new language and perfecting your skills in languages ​​you already know. Knowing the language of the country you choose to visit, in fact, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. With 14 languages ​​available, Babbel offers short lessons focused on real conversations to follow wherever you want (from the park, to the beach, to means of transport) but also tools such as “Babbel Live”, a platform that offers live online lessons , by certified teachers.


This application is a must-have of your organization tourist itinerary. Once the destination has been chosen and the dates have been set, it is possible to select the attractions that one would like to visit on each day, access information relating to the various points of interest, rearrange the elements in order to better manage one’s time and even choose the preferred travel between places (for example, by public transport, on foot or by car).

eDreams – Discounts and last minute offers


For those who prefer not to plan their holidays too far in advance, unmissable last minute offers can be found on PiratinTravel. Indeed, the most popular travel offer portal in Italy offers various solutions, from flights to cruises to stays in a large number of types of accommodation facilities, always up-to-date and very varied.

While on vacation: here’s what to use from Babbel’s kit of apps

Which apps to consult while you are already on vacation?


Those who have opted for a city break risk wasting precious time trying to figure out how to get around: a big problem, especially if you have only a few days available! The app Citymapper it is designed to simplify travel: it compares options in real time and offers the best solutions at that exact moment (bus, metro, train, tram, car sharing and much more). Furthermore, it offers users very precise details: for example, it not only indicates where to find the nearest scooter, but also the battery level and the cost of the trip.


When exploring places you’ve never visited with a group of friends or family, Life360 is the perfect app to not lose sight of your “Circle” (as the group created on the app is defined): the use of GPS data allows you to monitor the position of group members in real time on a map private and view their location history.

Toilet Finder

L’app Toilet Finder provides information on more than 150,000 public toilets around the world to help travelers find the toilets that best suit their needs, from free to accessible toilets for people with disabilities. Geolocation indicates the distance to reach the services and it is possible to leave a review of the bathroom used.


During the summer season, the beach is the favorite choice for most vacationers and the bathing establishments can be very crowded; it is therefore advisable to play in advance and book your place! The platform Spiagge.it (also available on the app) is the ideal choice to facilitate beach holidays: with more than 1,200 bathing establishments to choose from, users can easily book umbrellas and sunbeds, also paying directly from the portal. Beach day, no stress!


The perfect apps according to Babbel to use once you return from vacation

The applications that cannot be missing for the return from vacation.


The best way to fight the nostalgia of returning from vacation is to keep the memories of the days spent in a photo album, to relive them when you prefer. A great way to organize vacation photos is the standalone Pinterest app. Shuffles, which allows you to create collages by cropping, superimposing and enriching the images saved in the gallery of your smartphone with elements or animations.

Trust pilot

Reviews have become a key decision-making factor for many tourists, who consult them on a daily basis for various aspects of organizing their holidays. Once you have returned from your stay, leaving a review can therefore not only help other people intent on organizing their much-desired trips, but also support companies in improving themselves and thus meeting the needs of travellers. To share your experience and useful information, Trust pilot, with over 46 million reviews written in 2022, it is the leading review platform globally, helping to foster greater trust between consumers and businesses.

Sleep Monitor

During the holidays, the sleep-wake rhythm to which we are accustomed for most of the year is altered. The application Sleep Monitor it is designed to monitor the quality of rest: in this regard, it provides useful advice to improve it by recording the details of your sleep cycles. The app also has an intelligent wake-up option, which activates in the lightest stage of sleep to help the sleeper start the day on the right foot.


Returning to work after the summer break can be difficult and cause stress and anxiety. To better face it and gradually get back into the working mood, identifying original places to work can help in the dreaded back to work: from the design hotel to the historic villa passing through modern coworking, the application for smart working URBNX allows you to locate an equipped workstation near your home or wherever it is necessary when you want to work remotely as an alternative.

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