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The best apps to search for the cheapest gas stations

The increase of the cost of fuel of the last few weeks makes choosing the right petrol pump an adventure. Fortunately, they come to our aid several apps to check gasoline pricesdiesel and other types of fuel and therefore choose the cheapest distributor in the area, managing to save a few euros on the total cost. Here are the best apps we recommend.

Petrol prices, the most downloaded app

Among the most famous apps available for Android and iOS to consult fuel prices we find “Petrol – LPG and Methane prices”. It is a very famous Italian app, with almost 30,000 reviews on Google Play and 26,000 on the App Store.

The application as can be deduced from the name, show in the map – using geolocation – petrol stations near us highlighting fuel prices. It is possible to select the type of fuel to be shown from the drop-down menu on the top: therefore whether petrol, diesel, LPG, special petrol, special diesel or methane. The map is very understandable thanks to the precise location of the distributor and the brand logo. The price shown corresponds to the last update made by users and the color of the badge – green, orange or red – serves to mark the cheapest distributor compared to neighboring ones.

Detailed information about distributors

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By clicking on a distributor on the map you can get the address, while clicking on the information symbol you can open the detailed screen. Here you will find a lot of useful data, from the telephone number to the timetables – if entered – the types of services offered and the details of all the retailer’s prices. Prices are divided, as well as by fuel, for “served” and “self service” and you can see how many days was the last update. If you go to the distributor and notice a price difference compared to the application, you can update the prices yourself for free, by entering the correct amount. Below the prices there is a list of services offered, such as car wash, accepted payment methods and reviews.

Still in the detailed sheet, at the bottom, you can press on “take me here” to start navigation via Google Maps or another application, call the distributor or report an error.

On the main page, in addition to the map it is possible to view – by moving by pressing the icons on the lower bar – the list of favorite distributors, a list instead ordered by distance from the place where you are and the list instead of distributors in order of price , from the cheapest to the most expensive.

App to monitor gasoline prices: Gaspal

Gaspal petrol prices app

Gaspal is another application – available for Android and iOS – that is meant to allow you to monitor fuel prices. Although it is very nice in terms of graphics, with an intuitive and modern interface, it is equipped with fewer distributors than the more famous Petrol Prices. Also this app shows the distributors on the map in an accurate way, with the logo and the price colored green, orange or red depending on the convenience.

Gaspal has three very interesting additional functions. The first is that it allows you to intelligently calculate the distance / price ratio: by going to the list of distributors and selecting the “recommended” tab, in fact, the retailers will be ordered for convenience between the price of fuel and the distance to reach the distributor. The second functionality is that of being able to record the refueling costs made to the distributor to keep track of the budget spent weekly, monthly or annually.

Gaspal petrol prices app

Finally, the third is that of be able to create a travel itinerarysuch as the commute from home to work, to obtain the list of distributors along the way with their prices and find out where it is more convenient to stop for refueling.

Fuelio, much more besides prices

Fuelio petrol prices app

The third app to monitor gas prices that we recommend is Fuelio, also available for Android and iOS users. Like the others, it makes available a map with all the petrol stations in the searched area, but there is no color difference based on convenience, as is the case for the two previously suggested applications. The details on the individual distributor are less detailed than PricesBenzina, in fact we find the type of fuel available, the price – with the date of the last modification – and some services present.

Come Gaspal, Fuelio also allows you to enter the expenses made to the distributor, but in this case the application is very detailed. You can enter a large amount of information, from the kilometers that the car marks at the time of refueling to the level of the tank, the distributor where the shopping was made and much more. Fuel is able to show statistics and graphs regarding fuel consumption also based on the routes that can be monitored via GPS. In the statistics we find the total cost in fuel, the cheapest price over time, the average monthly cost, the daily one and the one per kilometer. The application is really complete and goes beyond monitoring the prices of fuel in the various distributors: it is a real expense tracker.

The built-in functionality of Waze

As a bonus, we recommend one functionality built into the Waze navigation app which allows you to monitor fuel prices. Just press on the search bar and then select the petrol station icon to get a list of all nearby retailers and their prices. At a glance you can find the cheapest dispenser: the feature is very useful especially if you use Waze as your default navigation application!

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