The best Battle Royale video games around

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A large map that shrinks, numerous weapons and many players who have only one purpose: to kill each other to remain the only ones alive. Here’s our list of the best Battle Royale video games out there.

What are the best Battle Royale video games?

Today we bring you a list of video games that, in recent years, have been enjoying incredible success. Obviously we are talking about video games Battle Royale, where the last surviving player is the overall winner. The players are catapulted, without some weapons, into a large map, which gradually shrinks more and more. This dynamic leads players to face off until, in the final stages, the playing field is increasingly limited. The importance of finding weapons on the ground goes together with strategic side of these games, such as the choice of where to land and the choices that players will have to face in a few seconds. But no more chatter: here it is the best Battle Royale video games around.


Trivial some will say. Undeniable, others will think. Fortnite is undoubtedly the undisputed King of Battle Royale video games. This is because, in addition to the PvP (or co-op) action, the title also includes a construction dynamic. The latter will serve to protect against opponent attacks, but also to have a strategic advantage in height, to be able to observe and hit the other players. In addition, Fortnite provides total freedom in creative modes, which allows creators to customize maps and scenarios. Finally, last buy not least, the music of the game is literally spectacular.


Initially born as a parody of PUBG – as the title suggests – this video game is actually extremely fun and competitive. Driving the action is basic nonsense, leading the gameplay dynamics to very high levels of entertainment. The map is studded with 19 different weapon types, some downright unrealistic, which bring Totally Accurate Battlegrounds into a world that hardly distinguishes parody from absurdity. This is the perfect title if you prefer a fun game to accuracy.


Realistic environments and storytelling that evolves after each season via updates, Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale video game packed with unique means of transport. In the vast map we will find snow cats, motocross and grappling hooks, to get the maximum advantage of the surrounding environment. But be careful: snowstorms and erupting volcanoes threaten the safety of the 16 players who, in addition to killing each other, must protect themselves from the dangers of the map. The ultimate goal is obviously to be the only ones to board the helicopter that will bring the player to safety, but there is a novelty compared to other similar titles. In fact, towards the end of the battle, the position of all surviving players will appear on the map, for a title that borders on survival.


Not only PvP but also monsters and evil creatures, for a video game that makes survival the only pulsating engine. It will in fact be essential to kill NPCs to collect the weapons with which to defend yourself and attack the other players in the lobby. It goes without saying that the more powerful the monsters, the higher the level of armaments you will get. This feature is precisely the distinctive element of the other Battle Royale, as it will not be enough to be lucky to land in the right areas. On the contrary: you will have to fight tooth and nail to gain an advantage over the other players.


Another very popular video game, born from the very successful war franchisees Call Of Duty. If you are looking for a Battle Royale on the other level of realism, this is the title. In fact, Warzone will parachute you into a large map with locations of all kinds. The aim will be to escape snipers and assault teams, while the gas will make the map more and more stringent with the inevitable risk of finding yourself in front of other players armed to the teeth. It is one of the most popular games of the genre, as the Twitch rankings of the most streamed video games demonstrate.


No conventional firearms and no ammunition. Spellbreak takes the concept of Battle Royale to its most earthly essence. To fight the opponents you will have to throw fireballs, wind attacks and toxic poisons, for a total of six elements to be used against your enemies. The fantasy setting and cartoonish colors will lead the player in search of numerous upgrades, to get to create powerful firestorms or lightning bolts to electrify other players.


Fans of realism, skip this part with your battle controller. But you, Takeshi’s Castle fans, welcome to this crazy and totally senseless video game. With a dynamic that is very reminiscent of Squid Game, players face a series of rounds featuring minigames. These will serve to decree who will advance to the next round and who will be eliminated. If you are looking for a different Battle Royale: with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, fun is guaranteed.


Certainly one of the most influential Battle Royale for other, perhaps, more successful titles. Born from a mod of Arma 2, PUBG allows you to manually upgrade weapons through the numerous components scattered around the map. Surely in 2021 the title was largely outclassed by Fortnite and Warzone, but it is still a video game that paved the way for modern Battle Royale. Our advice is to play it from a smartphone, in the PUBG MOBILE version, but the choice remains yours.


Game and battle mechanics, storytelling and captivating gameplay. These features make APEX LEGENDS one of the best Battle Royale video games of the modern era. Apex Legends is born from the ashes of Titanfall and evolves with continuous updates for a total, to date, of 16 legends, each of these characterized by specific backstories and special abilities. This is a perfect game for those looking for uncommon levels of competitiveness.