Meeters: crowdfunding reaches 1.2 million euros for the startup

Meeters: la campagna di crowdfunding raggiunge quota 1,2 milioni di euro thumbnail

The startup Meeters he collected 1.2 million euros with the crowdfunding of Mamacrowd, with over 260 investors. Fundraising on the Italian platform will continue until December 27, with a minimum order of 250 euros. But the young Italian company has already exceeded the minimum target of 800 thousand euros in a big way. And it’s not going to stop the success.

Meeters crowdfunding success

The success of the campaign demonstrates the goodness of the project. Meeters was born in 2017 from Davide Zanon, 31, now the company’s CMO and CPO, along with Claudio Perlini, 32, now CFO. It was then added to them Francesco Study Fusetti, 34, formerly one of the founders of ScuolaZoo and today General Manager.

The digital platform serves to organize a community to introduce people to their free time. With experiences such as walks, visits to muzzles, group trips, etc. To date, they are 37 thousand registered customers. Of these, almost 4,000 participate in the experiences every month. In September, 232 experiences were made, with more than 150 professional guides.

Earnings are constantly growing: 422 thousand euros in 2019, 800 thousand in 2020 and for this year they are expected 1.2 million euros. And with the new round it will come l’app mobile, in addition to the possibility of launching Meeters also in Spain.

A Meeters group at Lake Tovel (Credits: Meeters)

A great fundraiser

Francesco Nazari Fusetti, General Manager, says he is impressed by the fundraiser. “Seeing so much participation from our long-time customers is a further validation of the goodness in our product. Meeters subscribers are not just customers but veri brand lover“.

Davide Zanon, CMO and CPO, declares: “Exceeding the million euros raised in just 4 days confirms the strong interest also on the part of institutional investors in our project. These resources will allow us to continue in
development and in growth of Meeters in Italy and Spain in 2022 “.

But the success is also due to important institutional investments. Like ELTIF – ALIcrowd, set up by Azimut Investments SA and managed under delegation by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA. Furthermore, there are entrepreneurs such as Fabio Cannavale, CEO of, thanks to the participation of Meeters in the B-Heroes contest.

CFO Claudio Perlini: “The presence of ALIcrowd, in addition to representing an important financial result, is also a confirmation of the quality of the work done so far. In a few years, we have managed to transform an idea into a company and to face a crisis that has no equal in our time, not only coming out unscathed, but even growing. We owe this result primarily to our customers for their loyalty, to employees for their tenacity, to suppliers
for their support and to all investors for their trust “.

Next year, the investment round will open for institutional investors only. “It is therefore
the last time that small investors have the opportunity to participate “, explained Zanon at the opening of the campaign.

Find out more about Meeter here.