The best Christmas gifts for boys and girls

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Who loves Christmas more than children? In fact, for the little ones, the one just around the corner is the most magical and awaited period of the whole year. The holidays, the mornings under the duvet watching cartoons, sweets and above all them, Christmas gifts for children they are proof of their good cheer and of the existence of Santa Claus.
What would the Holidays be without Santa Lucia, the Befana, Santa Claus, the tree and all the rest? Nothing, any day. But in order not to fall back into the banal and buy an adult gift, which the little ones don’t like, we’ll help you.

Christmas gifts for boys and girls

Raise your hand if you received at least one bad gift as a child, the kind you had to feign enthusiasm for even if you felt like you were dying inside. Well, let’s in turn avoid giving a moment of embarrassment to grandchildren, children, brothers, sisters and infants of any kind. We are princesses and we only give cool gifts, right?

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022

Let’s start with a bang: LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022 it’s a real gem. The box contains 5 minifigures from the LEGO City series, and 19 other little gifts to recreate a Christmas atmosphere in full LEGO style.

A fun pajama

Kids hate receiving pajamas as gifts. Maybe because they never received one panda or bear suit, the soft ones, all in one piece, complete with a hood with ears. In fact, this type of pajama is very warm, nice and can also be used as a costume for masquerade parties.

Christmas gifts for kids: Nintendo Switch

A classic of the Christmas gifts most loved by children and children are gaming consoles. Do you remember the first time you experienced the thrill of life as a gamer? We find that Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift for raising little nerds.

Disney socks

disney socks gift ideas

If you want to make a nice and always useful gift, then opt for the disney socks. Those of Lilo & Stitch are among our favorites. What is special about them? Eyes and ears in relief, and then they are very warm and perfect to wear during marathons of Disney classics on Disney+.

Magic Castle of Disney Princesses

With its unmistakable shape, this disney princess castle it is 122 cm tall and inside, children will find space to imagine exciting adventures with their favorite characters. We also have an idea for the card to attach: “From one princess to another princess”. Oh yes, we find it is also suitable for males.

Christmas gifts for children: Flying Tiger wooden toys

christmas toys gifts

Flying Tiger has committed to eliminating excess plastic and single-use items by replacing them with recyclable and recycled materials and wood from sustainable forests. Is there anything better than a wooden toy? The choice is vast, we really like the coloring globe.

Miko 3: Smart Robot based on artificial intelligence

Deep learning AI enables Miko 3 to understand and respond to a child’s world, instilling feelings of companionship and social connectedness to help build trust.
Comes with dozens of emotions. He is curious, expressive and surprisingly empathetic. The kids will love it.

For little scientists

For aspiring scientists there is All Science Experiments, a kit for making easy and safe science experiments directly at home. From chemistry to physics, from water to air: there really is a bit of everything.

12 robot in 1

Christmas gifts for robot kids

VEPOWER offers a kit that allows you to create 12 different types of robots, all powered by solar energy so they can even move on land or water. Fun is guaranteed!

Are you still undecided? You can consult the other articles for Christmas with the gift ideas of the editorial staff and let yourself be inspired. Remember that what matters is the thought.

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