The best free video games to play on Halloween

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In this article we will tell you about some of the best free video games to play on Halloween to give the right atmosphere to the evening

Now there’s very little left until the arrival of Halloween, the holiday most loved by all horror fans. There are certainly many ways to spend All Saints’ Eve having fun but, if you are a gamer, then you will certainly want to spend the evening playing. However, if you don’t know what video games to play, in this article you can find some of the best titles free to give the right atmosphere to Halloween night.

The best free video games to play on Halloween

Doki Doki Literature Club! | The best free video games to play on Halloween

First we want to start our article with a title that certainly doesn’t need too many introductions: Doki Doki Literature Club! This visual novel will put you in the shoes of a Japanese student who, due to pressure from his childhood friend, she ends up joining an all-girls literature club.

The protagonist will use this opportunity to try to get closer to the other students, but during his stay in the club some problems will begin to happen to him. very disturbing events indeed. In fact, despite apparently being a cute and colorful game, Doki Doki Literature Club! it’s a title full of disturbing scenes which make it perfect for Halloween night.

BloodbornePSX | The best free video games to play on Halloween

If you are a lover of titles retro and look for something dark but not exactly horror, At that time BloodbornePSX it’s the one for you. This demake fan made will allow you to play one of FromSoftware’s best titles as if it had been released for the first time PlayStation.

With BloodbornePSX you can explore a reimagined version of Central Yharnam and observe the splendid setting of the place in a completely new guise. If you are interested in the game you can download it for free from the official page on the website.

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion | The best free video games to play on Halloween

Another very famous title that can help you have a great Halloween night is Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. This free game will allow you to explore a haunted house which presents oOver a thousand rooms full of jumpscares and disturbing situations. Even this title apparently it may look very cute and innocent, but in some cases it might be able to make you feel more than just a jolt.

How Fish is Made | The best free video games to play on Halloween

If you want to play something for Halloween extraordinarythen we recommend you take a look at How Fish is Made. This quirky horror game will put you in the shoes of a fish which is located inside a mysterious machinery along with others of his kind.

Inside this metal trap your aquatic protagonist will be led to make choices very significant and will have the opportunity to interact with others creature marine who live in the place. How Fish is Made for sure it’s not a horror in the traditional sense of the word but, thanks to its particular artistic style and the themes covered, it is still able to convey a certain anxiety throughout its duration.

Poppy Playtime | The best free video games to play on Halloween

Poppy Playtime It’s definitely another title that needs no introduction. In this first-person horror adventure you will find yourself inside an abandoned factory full of killer toys and to escape you will have to try to solve the twisted puzzles scattered throughout the structure thanks to the help of the GrabPack, a particular backpack equipped with extendable arms. The game is divided into chapters can be purchased individuallybut the first is completely free and you can easily finish it in just one night.

Invitationem | The best free video games to play on Halloween

An invitation it’s a short adventure point and click in the first person that you can play directly from your browser on In this title you will play the role of an unlucky boy who, due to a breakdown in his car, will end up venturing into a truly disturbing house. The title is as classic as it is shortbut still manages to involve the player thanks to a good atmosphere and the absence of banal jumpscares.

The best free video games to play on Halloween

Ginko | The best free video games to play on Halloween

Ginko is a short horror film created by a group of American students. The title is inspired by East Asian folklore and this helps to create a unique atmosphere that is difficult to find in other titles. However, what distinguishes Ginko most from other horror films is his gameplay.

In fact, to move forward in the game you will have to exploit yours magic needle per sew together different parts of the scenario. This title is also really very short and lends itself perfectly to being started and completed in a single session.

Ready for a night of fear

This concludes our article on the best free video games to play on Halloween. In this guide we have included several well-known games, but we have also chosen to tell you about some smaller, more obscure titles which we hope you will want to try.

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