The best hi-tech products for the home

Technology is becoming more and more part of everyday life, and amazes relentlessly for the creativity of the myriad of solutions proposed

The even more uplifting news is that the costs of these very interesting novelties are practically within everyone’s reach: with this Onlinestore discount code, for example, it is possible to take home one of the incredible gadgets or hi-tech accessories that will make any environment much more Smart. And a little eccentric too, which never hurts.

From CES 2021 then, (the fair dedicated to the latest innovations in the field of electronics and robotics ed) come ideas, prototypes and products that have already conquered the hearts of Las Vegas and are just waiting to break through the Bel Paese.

From cuddly robots to ice cream capsules to Smart bathroom fixtures, here is a selection of amazing devices that could soon be in every home.

1 – ColdSnap, ice cream… in capsules

For lovers of espresso “Like at the bar” today there is this wonderful machine that makes ice cream starting from a capsule, just like those famous for coffee. With a pleasant and modern design, with this gem you can also do it frozen yogurt, smoothies and even cocktails in less than 1 minute. They are already looking forward to all the capsule variants that we will find on the market!

2 – Qoobo, the cuddly robot

Just like a kitten or puppy who wags their tail when they want to cuddle, Qoobo is a soft robot cushion, furry and with a sly tail that attracts attention and asks for caresses. Perfect for moments of relaxation and when you feel like tenderness!

3 – Shower Power, singing in the shower

A simple but brilliant idea that of the creators of Shower Power, because the device is none other than one speaker bluetooth which allows you to listen to your favorite music in the shower. The novelty lies in the fact that recharging takes place with the flow of water instead of with the classic batteries.

4 – Ninu, the new frontier of Eau De Parfum

Artificial intelligence will also be of great help to formulate the fragrance that best suits the mood of the day. Ninu is in fact the innovative bottle that contains more flavors and that thanks to the connected App it will be possible to mix to create the parfum du jour; of course for both men and women!

5 – Bot cell phone, the perfect partner

Robots will take up residence in our homes much sooner than one might think: thanks to innovative hardware and AI software IA increasingly advanced, companies are starting to propose robotic devices capable of offering solutions to the most disparate needs. It is the case of Samsung’s Handy Bot, an ideal partner to keep at home since thanks to artificial intelligence and its mechanical arm it can help with household chores, lift and tidy up different types of objects. But one of the most interesting aspects is that he manages to learn the habits of the members of the house, and quickly becomes a caring partner who remembers appointments, gives advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and suggestions fororganization of work and free time.

6 – XPG Mana, chewing gum… for gamers

And speaking of free time, the “mania” of video games is rampant and it is not uncommon to spend many hours on the PC or the latest generation console. Here comes the support chewing gum dedicated. What is special about them? A mix of natural ingredients, a pinch of Lutein (antioxidant and eye protection) and of course the right dose of caffeine, to maintain concentration and performance!

7 – YogiFi Mat e YogiFi App, lo Yoga Smart

The home wellness mat has evolved and thanks to this new interactive model connected to its App it will be possible to improve health and well-being in a new way, more in step with the times. How? Recreating virtual landscapes, sounds, atmospheres and even Yoga teachers, with whom to share the training.

“Three things above all modern man must learn to become healthy and complete: the art of rest, the art of contemplation, the art of laughter and smiling”.

And thanks to the latest technological innovations, getting to all this will be even easier!