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The best horror games for Xbox Series

Halloween has already passed, but for us not yet, we still want to experience the thrill of the witches’ night with the best horror games on our Xbox Series

After having guided you through the Sony Playstore, indicating the 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus, it’s time to take a tour of the digital store of the Microsoft console, this time we will show you the 5 best games for Xbox Serieslet’s go!

Resident Evil Village | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

Let’s start right away with a title that will be able to terrify you but also entertain you action-packed scenes. The last chapter of the famous Resident Evil saga will once again make us play the role of Ethan Winters, this time in search of his daughter. We will find ourselves fighting against terrifying creatures, such as werewolves and zombies, with spectacular boss fights. The villains are also charismatic and impossible to forget, giving us moments of tension alternating with adrenaline-pumping fights in which you have to pay close attention to your supplies.

A Plague Tale: Requiem | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

The first A Plague Tale was a nice surprise, the second chapter it connects perfectly to the first, this time with much higher stakes, a story full of well-written characters and an engaging plot. This title is among the best games available for the Xbox Seriesmedieval setting and hordes of rats. The setting is breathtaking, the cities have an irresistible charm and the plot is so well written that it makes the game unmissable. You can easily recover it on Gamepass.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

This game is difficult to explain, even just a hint of the plot could ruin the surprise. Suffice it to say that this it’s not a simple visual novel, in fact, at a certain point in the story, things will take a bad turn and you will feel an anguish that you have rarely felt for a game. The player will enter a literature club with 4 very cute girls and the protagonist will have to choose only one out of three girls, while the president of the literature club will pose poetry writing challenges. We won’t say anything else about it, try it if you want to try real anguish.

Signalis | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

This title is very interesting for those who are fascinated by retrogaming. In fact, Signalis has a retro artistic style that will take you back in time to the history of video games. The only difference is that here the controls are much more comfortable and responsive than in the old 8 pixel video games and the plot of the title is disturbing, typical of the horror genre. There will be some dying characters that you will be sad to see suffer. Signalis is also available on Gamepass.

Resident Evil 2 | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

A classic from the Resident Evil saga with a new graphics engine and gameplay. This fantastic remake will give you a chance to revisit Raccoon City together with the two protagonists Leon Kennedy e Claire Redfield, where they will try to escape from a zombie epidemic and a terrifying monster that hunts them. The game even received a patch for Xbox, reaching next gen performance. We absolutely advise you to get it, today it is at rock-bottom prices.

Bonus: The Quarry | The 5 best horror games for Xbox Series

Following in the wake of Until Dawn e Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry is a graphic adventure that takes on the identity of interactive film, with the possibility of making choices that will change the course of history. It’s about a classic horror story with teenagers trapped by a crazy serial killer. The production is of a high standard and the cast is stellar. Depending on your choices, the fate of some characters will change, and you may be grateful that you managed to save them repent for having led them to their death.

We thank you for reading this far, we highly recommend you check out these fantastic titles and continue to follow us on so you don’t miss anything else from the world of video games and read other lists like this.