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The best indie games of August

We are now running out of summer, but the forges of independent development teams are always hot! We have accompanied you so far with many tips dedicated to best indies of July, and now we come back to you with as many delicious news to be discovered together. So do not miss our information dedicated to the best indie video games of the month of August, all to be discovered with you!

5 August Indie Video Games

  • ESDIP – Hostlight
  • OverBoarder Studio – Thymesia
  • Pixadome – Chenso Club
  • Happy Juice Game – Lost in Play
  • BUNTSPECHT.GAMES – Fall of Porcupine
  • 1. ESDIP – Hostlight

    Let’s start our selection of indie video games for this month of August with a recent release in the gaming landscape, which we also have reviewed for you. Let’s talk about Hostlight, a first-person puzzle game that immerses us in a fascinating sci-fi atmosphere. Developed by the “video game creation” class of ESDIP, an art school in Madrid, it was then the production house Selecta Play to consider this work worthy of note to distribute it on Steam. Let’s see together what this singular and original project is about.

    Hostlight basically has a mechanics of fascinating gameplay, based on the management of colored rays of light to carry out our mission. The plot has no particular aspects: we are in an undefined period of time, where an ancient technology sees nature gradually regain control of the world. We just woke up as a robot and we must reactivate a tower called “spire”, built by the builders, the ancient people now disappeared for reasons still unknown. Thanks to a guide that shows us what to do, the same will teach us that we must make use of rays of light to recover artifacts called Chaurons. These are useful for activate the 24 floors of the spire.




    14,99 €

    Hostlight also features two possible endings, which we do not reveal to you, but we can reveal to you that on the whole it is an interesting game and that lovers of the genre will appreciate. From what can be deduced from our report, it is certainly not promising in terms of adrenaline and complexity, but this does not exclude that some challenges may prove challenging at times. From a graphic point of view, the views are stunning and no less exciting is the audio sector, although it seemed quite repetitive at times. Overall, we recommend adding this enjoyable and relaxing title to your library.

    2. OverBoarder Studio – Thymesia

    Let’s abandon the tranquility of this first title to abandon ourselves to desperate struggle in Thymesia, a video game that does not stray too far from the difficulties faced in games like Bloodborne and similar. Born from the idea of ​​the team OverBoarder Studio and released in the middle of August, this souls-like struck us for some details that we tell you below.

    On this occasion, we take on the role of the protagonist A crow, mysterious subject of very few words. He relives the memories of him thus discovering why the kingdom of Hermes has fallen into ruin. The story is revealed to us through documents that we find as we progress through the game and observing some environmental details, as often happens in souls-like. Just as you can guess from the genre, combat is the main element in this title, even getting close enough to video games of the caliber of Sekiro. Each enemy has two life bars, one white and one green and to defeat him you must proceed with both light attacks and then with heavy ones. Not happy, we will also notice one certain ease in energy recovery of opponents.



    OverBorder Studio

    24,99 €

    Il combat system clearly shows off especially in the boss fight with all its power, although the bosses are numerically scarce. Overall, Thymesia isn’t too difficult a title, with linear but intricate maps and a missions, clearly comprising both primary and secondary, the latter deserving your attention. In conclusion, although the longevity of this title is by no means extreme, we advise you to pay attention to Thymesia. She will be able to give a good adrenaline rush and give tit for tat to lovers of hard and pure combat.

    3. Pixadome – Chenso Club

    One of the very latest releases in the world of indie video games in August is Chenso Club, a title born from the forges of the French Pixadome team. Coming September 1st, we have previewed this for you amazing adventure among extraterrestrials to be defeated in a full pixel art story.

    In Chenso Club, as announced, we have to face the alien invasion and our only saviors will be the Chenso, incredible fully armed heroes. These well-dressed characters in their colorful rompers can introduce us to a series of side-scrolling arcade-style battles mercilessly. Of difficulty not unapproachablebut with a crescendo of the same from one level to another, we must face the enemies in these levels made in amarcord style.

    Chenso Club

    Chenso Club


    13,43 €

    In clashes we must not only do use of our weapons, but also to exploit the life force of the aliens, to make the games to be played alone or in cooperative mode even more exciting and unpredictable. Therefore, if the gameplay itself does not show many original elements, it presents a few more than the content of the game itself. The Chenso Club is in fact made up of sun heroinesrepresented according to the classic manga style in a fresh and original way, like all the elements of the graphic sector of this title.

    Fresh, action-packed and quite affordable: this is how we can define Chenso Club. Ready to play the role of one of the five playable protagonists? Each comes with their own distinctive skills, moves and combos to bring fighting moments to life and join the arcade genre to merge into a devastating and downright enjoyable mix. Just for this combination of elements, Chenso Club really deserves your attention and to be able to try it immediately at its imminent release!

    4. Happy Juice Game – Lost in Play

    From the manga style we move on to the cartoonish one with another title chosen among the best indie video games of the month of August. Let’s talk about Lost in Playamong the most interesting and bizarre titles presented during the last one Summer Game Fest 2022. An imaginative and fun game, with little longevity but that will stimulate your logical ability.

    The Happy Juice Games title released last July is a ‘graphic adventure based on puzzles and puzzles to be solved to overcome certain areas. The protagonists of the game are brother and sister, Toto and Gal, with very different characters, but united by a remarkable imagination. The two will travel between reality and dream inventing new stories in wonderful worlds, but also dangerous. Here they will also have to work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in a world dominated by non-sense and without any linearity in the narrative. What we need to get out of it unscathed, or almost unscathed, is the manipulation of the objects that will populate our inventory. Thanks to these we will have to try to survive hyperactive frogs, goblins and giants.

    Lost in Play

    Lost in Play

    Happy Juice Games

    19,99 €

    This world of Lost in Play sounds really crazy, and it really is. In practice, the gameplay of this title looks like a classic point and click adventure, where we play the role of one of the two brothers. We warn you, however, both the level of challenge required and the longevity of the title in question are not exaggerated at all, indeed. The puzzles are quite intuitive, except for a few small cases, and some logic minigames. Looking instead at the graphics sector, inspiration was drawn from widely renowned titles, such as Rick and Morty, to take up their style and visual language. A title, as a whole, which risks not being too memorable, but which is configured as a great pastime for lovers of the genre and fans of this type of visual design.

    5. BUNTSPECHT.GAMES – Fall of Porcupine

    We close our selection of the best indie video games of August with a title just announced a gamescom 2022, of which we know only a few details, but it looks promising. She is entitled Fall Of Porcupine the new work of the German team BUNTSPECHT.GAMES, who tells us the story of a young trainee. Let’s find out the details of this preview unveiled a few days ago!

    Young Finley is about to find that life as a trainee it can be really difficult. In this “love letter” dedicated to health-themed indie adventures and the difficulties faced by health workers. A theme not always addressed in videogame titles, a choice that certainly makes it interesting and curious. The game will come launched in 2023, but the publisher has already made the free prologue available to us from August 30th, to start getting a first idea about this work. Fall of Porcupine …

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