The best iOS applications of 2022

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on theApp Store there are beyond 4.5 million softwarewhich perform a ton of different functions on yours iPhone. Pick a handful to name as best iOS applications of 2022 it’s not easy, but we tried: here’s our list.

The best iOS apps of 2022

Until a few years ago everyone used telephones for one thing only: making calls. Today, smartphones open endless possibilities for those who use them: telling you which are the best iOS applications 2022 would be impossible, because each of you uses your smartphone in a different way.

Apple itself named the social network iPhone App of the Year BeReal, which also ended up in the top ten most downloaded apps. In all, the most downloaded app ever on the iPhone was VerificaC19followed by TikTok (here you can find all the rankings).

We decided to highlight five apps that impressed us in five different categories, for different reasons. Some for how they use the iOS 16 new features come i lock screen widgetothers because they are useful but also good for the environment, still others because they continue to innovate after so many years since their launch. But all of them are excellent iOS applications, indeed: the best we have tried in 2022.

Productivity: Things 3

Staying organized becomes essential, especially for those who study or work from home and are always on the go. Things 3 helps you do that with ease: you can organize your commitments according to type and day, you can make plans for the future but also lists to insert for the various appointments.

And with iOS 16, you can keep track of everything easily even from the lock screen as well as with the widgets on the home. There’s even an app for Apple Watchin order to always remain organized in the best possible way.

‎Things 3

‎Things 3

Migliori app iOS del 2022 per food&beverage: Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go come funziona min

Food waste is a social and environmental burden: throwing away food and ingredients just because they have not been sold is a intolerable waste. Too Good To Go helps traders who are left with stocks at the end of the day (bakers with extra loaves, supermarkets with short-term products). And it helps users who can take excellent products at very discounted prices.

This year we had the opportunity to deepen the work of Too Good To Go with the interview you find above and it seems to us an interesting resource to have, especially if you live in a big city (but it works well elsewhere too). And then the surprise of check what you have in your Mystery Box worth the price alone.

‎Too Good To Go: no allo spreco

‎Too Good To Go: no allo spreco

Parcel, to manage shipments and online purchases

parcel best ios apps 2022 mins

Stores have reopened, but many of us still use ecommerce for purchases of all kinds. With Parcel you can manage packages from Amazon and eBay, packages sent to family and friends, documents sent from the office. In short, any shipment will be under control with this simple but truly complete tool.

Parcel makes it easy to enter coordinates and track the package throughout the journey, regardless of the courier who sends it. And with integration in lock screen widgets, you will be sure not to lose even a package.



Apollo for Reddit, for those who want to stay at the center of the conversation

best app ios 2022 apollo for reddit min

The web gives access to whole worlds of information, creates global communities around common interests. Reddit is an active and dynamic party of this process of continuous discovery of concepts and people. But it’s not always easy to navigate and explore, especially for those who aren’t long-time redditors.

Apollo for Reddit simplifies this process by providing better graphics, advanced features, and tons of settings to make your Reddit journey better. Also, with iOS 16 comes the ability to keep track the subReddits you follow most assiduously, really very useful.

‎Apollo for Reddit

‎Apollo for Reddit

Best iOS apps of 2022: Duolingo

duolingo new interface min

Duolingo is certainly not a new app: its first app of the year award was even won in 2013. But with a new much more intuitive interface, shows that he still has a lot to tell. There are interesting stories, new mechanisms to engage you and rewards for your linguistic efforts. And then the blog stays updated giving you interesting gemsi on different languages ​​around the world.

Unfortunately not all courses from Italian to another language are as rich as the English counterpart. But if you know well enough English to be used as the “base” languageyou have dozens of languages ​​(including fictional ones like Klingon) and tons of hours of learning.



These are some of the best iOS apps in 2022, which we wanted to mention. But if you have tested some innovative app (or some useful function of known apps like Spotify e Telegramfor example) tell us about it in the comments.