The best microphones for your YouTube videos

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If you are gods youtuber, or if you intend to start your adventure on the famous platform, surely you know that it is not only important to have good video quality. It is in fact essential, to create semi-professional content or in any case pleasant to enjoy, to also think about audio quality by purchasing microphones that meet your needs. I microphones for YouTube, but not only that, they have a fairly affordable price but it is often difficult to really understand what we need: there are USB ones, those to connect to the smartphone, camera or wireless ones. here are the best microphones for venturing on youtube and offer high quality to its members.

The best microphones for YouTube

First you need to understand which type of microphone is best suited to your way of shooting video: as anticipated there are different categories and the choice can be very subjective. If you mainly vlog via a smartphone, maybe you may prefer a good one lavalier microphone to be connected via 3.5mm jack – also via adapter for smartphones without a jack; if instead you shoot the vlogs with a camera, you may prefer a directional microphone to attach to yours DSLR. Alternatively, if you shoot videos spoken exclusively by your studio, you may prefer a microphone connected to the PC, perhaps equipped with a rod, like those typical for streamers. In this article we will try to show you the best microphones for YouTube by tapping on all these categories.

The best lavalier microphones

I lavalier microphones they are extremely comfortable, come on small size and discreet when worn during a video. Usually, unlike other types of microphones, these are in fact hooked to clothing, both by clips and by means of a magnet, and the person who speaks wears it. The name lavalier, in fact, refers to a pendant-shaped jewel that is worn around the neck. If you need a discreet, versatile and comfortable microphone, the lavalier is perfect.

These devices also they are not particularly expensiveIn fact, although there are models for those with a higher budget, the cheaper ones are able to provide excellent audio quality. The price also depends on the choice of connectivity: they exist wired ones – with 3.5mm audio output – e wireless ones. To understand which one to choose, you must first ask yourself what it will be connected to: a smartphone? A camera?

Among the best lavalier microphones for YouTube we cannot fail to mention one Rode, a brand that places high quality products on the market. This wired lavalier isn’t super cheap, but the audio and build quality are definitely worth the expense. Inside the package there is also a cover in spongy material which manages to filter the wind and unwanted noises when some letters are pronounced (such as p and b). It also comes with a dedicated iOS app, useful the moment we connect the microphone to a smartphone, which provides several presets and a Rode recorder. Alternatively it is possible to exploit this Rode smartLav+ with any audio recording application.

He lavalier wireless

If, on the other hand, you prefer to abandon the annoying cables that bind to the device with which you acquire the audio source, you can opt for a lavalier wireless. These, as anticipated, cost more, but the price is justified by the fact that the technology used is much more expensive. One of the most popular is theAudio Technica PRO 70, also used to record guitar and vocal sounds in case your goal is to post such videos on YouTube. It can run on both battery and direct power, and the brand that makes this microphone is really well known in the industry and never disappoints.

The best USB microphones for YouTube

Microfoni youtube USB - Blue YetiPhoto credits: Blue Microphones.

I USB microphones, contrary to what you might think, they are able to offer good audio quality that could compete with that of professional mic. They are very popular, as well as for the value for money, also for the convenience of use thanks to the factor plug and play. They connect to your PC or Mac and you don’t need to do anything else. They are ideal for a variety of uses, obviously excluding external videos, such as podcasts, gaming, spoken YouTube videos, voice overs and much more. There are USB microphones for all budgets, from the cheapest under 50 € to the most expensive ones, so you will have to choose according to your budget. There are also more or less compact ones, depending on whether you need to work on the go or if you prefer to install it on your desk.

Which ones to choose

Among the most famous USB microphones we find the models of Rode, Razer e Blue. Rode offers his famous NT-USB, with anti-pop filter and compatible with all recording applications that can be used on Windows and macOS. It is also compatible with iPads, thanks to Rode Rec, GarageBand or any other app capable of recording via an external microphone. The microphone is also equipped with a jack to be able to monitor what is recorded, by connecting a pair of headphones. It is also equipped with a small support to be able to place the microphone on the desk and position it in the best possible way.

Razer Seiren X is another USB condenser microphone ideal for streaming, gaming, podcasts, spoken YouTube videos and more. Like the Rode model, it offers a real-time monitoring port and a pedestal to rest it comfortably on your desk. It is also available in the variant with customizable LEDs on the microphone body. The microphone Blue Yeti, equally famous, it is placed on the same price range and also consists of a pedestal, it is equipped with 4 different settings (cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo and bidirectional) that can be changed easily. It obviously comes with a 3.5mm jack for live monitoring and is plug and play.

External microphones for DSLRs

If you shoot video via a DSLR camera you can opt for a external microphone suitable for this purpose. Sure, DSLRs do have their own microphone, but it often doesn’t capture sound optimally or may be accidentally covered up when holding the camera.

As always, we cannot fail to mention a Rode product. The VideoMic Pro it is one of the most popular due to its audio quality and compactness (it is 150mm long and weighs only 85 grams). It is powered by micro USB or a battery that allows you to have an autonomy of about 70 hours and includes a sponge filter and a shockproof support. It connects via 3.5mm stereo jack to your camera and allows you to shoot videos with excellent audio quality.

If you want to save a little, you can choose the version VideoMic Go, an equally good but less professional microphone and therefore less expensive.

I microfoni XLR

If you want to opt for a studio-quality fixed microphone, you can choose a device with an interface XLR. These must be connected to a external sound card equipped with XLR ports and in turn connected to the PC or Mac from which the audio will be recorded. The Rode NT1-A it is one of the most popular condenser microphones, offering incredible audio quality and at the same time not expensive. The cardioid capsule is 1 inch, which allows you to virtually eliminate all background noise, and allows for excellent recording of voices and instruments as well. The sound is full-bodied and soft, without alterations of the voice. Inside the package you will find the pop filter, a 6 meter XLR cable and the holder to attach to the pole. It is also available bundled with the popular MOSC0024 Scarlett Solo audio interface from FocusRite.

Among the other suggested microphones we find theAudio Technica AT2020, always a device with an XLR interface that requires an external sound card, and that includes a two-meter cable.