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The best podcasts about video games: it’s time to play!

Video games have been in the hearts of fans for many years, since around the mid-70s and over time the media has spread more and more, including in podcasts, here are the best podcasts that deal with video games!

Video games have become a true pop culture phenomenon since Atari released them in the 1970s PONG, one of the first video games in history, which broke the market and completely revolutionized the world. Since that fateful day, billions of people they became passionate about the video game, which over the decades has evolved up to today. The change has been extraordinary and no one thought it would come this far. From PONG to one of the most recent video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a giant leap. Furthermore, those who are fans of the video game are also passionate about the storytelling linked to tricks and tips for improving your way of playing, which is why we decided to create this list of the best podcasts dedicated to video games!

Joypad | The best podcasts about video games

This podcast is perfect for those wants to stay updated on news and new releases. Edited by Matteo Bordone, Alessandro Zampini and Francesco Fossetti, this podcast analyzes the most popular titles in detail and above all offers an overview of all the new titles in exit. Each episode is based on a particular theme and satisfies all fans’ curiosities about the world of video games, a podcast that we highly recommend following!

Video Game Encyclopedia | The best podcasts about video games

The video game community is increasingly larger, which is why requests and needs vary. From those looking for solutions in a mission, those who want to level up, those who want to stay updated on the latest generation consoles. But there are also players still fond of the retrogamingthe best podcast that covers retro video games are the Encyclopedia of Video Games, a podcast that focuses on classics and niche titles. The two boy authors, Ace e Hiyuhaoffer curiosities, anecdotes and suggestions on old titles.

Nerdangle Triangle Podcast | The best podcasts about video games

This podcast isn’t just about video games. Nerdangle Triangle Podcast talks about the 360° technology and pop culture, The three authors, Alessandro, Lorenzo and Luca, give us a look at every content we can find in this wonderful sector. This podcast is perfect for gamers looking for a full immersion in the world of video games, analyzing every aspect and content.

Hideo Kojima – Brain Structure | The best podcasts about video games

Suitable for those who chew well Englishthe podcast dedicated to the maestro Hideo Kojima it is perfect for those who want to observe the making of of a video game from the point of view of a creator. The creator of the saga Metal Gear Solid e Death Stranding takes us into his creative universe, offering us the opportunity to understand how his productions come to life. The podcast also often features special guests, such as Geoff Kighleyjournalist expert in videogames and TV presenter, together with the singer Woodkid who will compose the soundtrack of Death Stranding 2.

Kinda Funny Gamecast | The best podcasts about video games

Fans of international English-language gaming podcasts will also enjoy many Kinda Funny Gamecast. This podcast brought to you by Tim Gettys, Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller, Blessing Adeoye and Andy Cortez, offers listeners an infinite amount of content, including reviews, news, previews and insights on hot topics in the world of video games. This podcast is highly recommended, as it provides all the information an avid gamer needs, from choosing the console best suited to him to daily news on the media.

Video gaming is part of our lives, it is also one of the commercial sectors with more pay. The community helps keep it alive and thriving by creating a global part of the world that fuels the industry with industry reviews, tips, previews and updates. We are sure that it will continue to live for a long time to come, thanks above all to the players. Thank you for following us up to this point, continue to stay updated on the world of video games on our website