The best podcasts on YouTube

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YouTube is a platform famous for the varied contents that we can find there, including funny videos, memes, movie trailers and much more, but did you know that there are also lots of podcasts? Here are the best ones on YouTube!

You can think of YouTube as an extension of Google, you can find literally everything the human mind can ever conceive of. After showing you the best podcasts on Spotify, the time has come for the best podcasts on YouTube and there are some really interesting ones with characters from different fields. Let’s not delay any longer and let’s get started!

Wild Moss | The best podcasts on YouTube

Muschio Selvaggio is a podcast that deals with current affairs, society and culture, but in a frivolous, light and fun way. The podcast is hosted by the Italian rapper Fedez and the guests are famous people from all kinds of fields, including Gerry Scotti, Ghali, Roberto Bolle, Carlo Cracco and many others. The episodes of Wild Moss are released on the official YouTube channel every Tuesday.

Cashmere | The best podcasts on YouTube

Cachemire is a video podcast hosted by two famous comedians on Italian TV: Edoardo Ferrario and Luca Ravenna. The episodes lasting about an hour are hosted only by the duo, other times there are famous TV guests. Among the various guests we find Caterina Guzzanti, Valerio Lundini and Emanuela Fanelli. The episodes are light and improvised, in pure stand-up comedy style.

Coming soon | The best podcasts on YouTube

The hosts of Prossimamente are the radio presenter Chiara Galeazzi and il sound editor and podcaster Philip Ferrari. This podcast is very particular and one of a kind, dedicated to fans of Netflix TV series. In fact, guests are invited precisely to imagine what will happen in the new season of a series or to propose a sequel to the season to the platform. Guests from Cristina d’Avena ad Adrian Fartadeyes Zero limestone ad Alessandro Cattelan they therefore imagine a new story to tell in a TV series, hoping that Netflix will one day hire them for a new series.

The Joe Rogan Experience | I migliori podcast su YouTube

This podcast is hosted by the famous American comedian and presenter Joe Rogan in person. Created in 2009, today this is one of the most famous podcasts in the world. The guests are diverse, including actors, entrepreneurs, comedians, politicians, researchers and doctors. Let’s find for example Elon Musk, Bernie Sander e Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This podcast has a huge following globally and there are millions of listeners waiting for the new episode every week.

Cerberus | The best podcasts on YouTube

We return to Italy with Cerbero, a podcast hosted by three famous Youtubers on YouTube Italy, namely Simone Santoro, Gianluca Miele and Davide Marra, better known respectively as YouTube Fucks, Mr. Flame and Mr. Marra. Cerberus is conducted more like a TV show than a podcast and the themes are varied: you can choose between films, video games, literature, interviews and entertainment.

There are many other podcasts, but we think that these are the most representative of the platform, at least on the Italian front. We thank you for following us so far, stay tuned to so as not to miss anything from the world of the web-