The best tech products of 2022

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During this year, now winding down, we were able to test and appreciate many technological devices and gadgets of all kinds. We have therefore decided to collect what we think are the best tech products of 2022 in this article.

The best tech products of 2022

In this list you will find about twenty devices that we have tried and reviewed, personally evaluating the quality: they are all products that have impressed us. Both because they brought something new: smartphone with smart functions or innovative designs, laptop with almost sci-fi functions and devices amazing.

So we have not made any price distinctions: they are not recommendations for purchases, but rather products that made us fall in love with technology even more. We’ll link to our shopping guides in the various sections if you want to do some shopping.


Let’s start with the daily companion of all technology lovers: lo smartphone (here the list of the best by price range).

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple presented iPhone 14 Pro Max with the usual presumption: that of presenting the best smartphone ever. With the new 48MP camera, with the innovative design of the Dynamic Island, this new top of the range innovates a lot compared to last year. It is the best iPhone ever: it could only be among the best tech products of 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 FlexCam 1.1.6

Every year Samsung competes with Apple and other Android manufacturers for the title of the best smartphone ever. But there’s no question about leaflets: Samsung has more experience than the others and in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 you see, yes. The advantage of having a large screen in a small format, the flip phone style that manages to be a perfect mix between retro and futuristic. The foldable to buy.

vivo V23 5G

Vivo V23 5G screen review

If there have been few but important innovations in the high-end range, the mid-range has given us several interesting surprises. For instance, vivo V23 5G. Which does everything it has to do great: a solid choice that demonstrates that there is (almost) everything you need in this range. But which also offers a design that changes color when exposed to the sun (really!) and a truly incredible dual selfie camera.

Nothing Phone (1)

review nothing phone 1 min glyphs best tech products 2022

Also in this price range, perhaps the biggest novelty of this year arrives among the best tech products of 2022. Because it comes from a company born just a year ago, which is launching its first smartphone. But Nothing Phone (1) it impressed us: it has great attention to detail, from the splendid screen to the excellent Nothing OS. And then the Glyphs on the back are an interesting novelty: they don’t change life, but they sure brighten it up.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro price min features best tech products 2022

Google has been making smartphones for some time, but only last year with the Pixel 6 Pro did it really start focusing on the top of the range. This year, Google Pixel 7 Pro it improves in everything: the design remains iconic and is even more elegant, the excellent camera and the brilliant software, also thanks to the Tensor G2 chip. Android as it should be, always.

Tech products 2022: the best earphones

Music to our ears: among the best products of 2022, they could not be missing earphones e headphones (here the best headphones).

LG Tone Free T90Q

lg tone free t90q review price min

True wireless earphones are always better, but you can hardly find more “complete” than LG Tone Free T90Q. Not only do they have excellent spatial audio, ANC and perfect calls. They have many functions, from the possibility of evaluating which rubber pads to choose with the app up to game modes and then a case (in the shape of Macarons) which with the UV Nano function eliminates bacteria from the headphones.

Sony LinkBuds S

Sony LinkBuds review use best tech products 2022

Sony knows how to build audio products of the highest quality, connecting the “commercial” category to products for audiophiles and true professionals. Still, keep experimenting and the Sony Linkbuds S they prove it. Their ring shape surprises: while everyone focuses on the ANC, Sony leaves the possibility of listening to the world, without sacrificing audio quality.

Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony WH 1000XM5 recensione app

The Sony WH-1000XM5, again this year, are the headphones to beat. The noise cancellation technology is the best on the market, the audio quality of the highest level. The design is even more elegant than the past, the soft headband is very comfortable. These are the kind of headphones that once you put them on you never want to take them off.


This 2022 has consolidated the success of the wearableespecially of the smartwatch, like the best tech products for athletes. Among all, there is one that has made everyone discuss for the news it has brought (here the best smartwatches).

Apple Watch Ultra

apple watch ultra recensione 07

Cupertino has announced the eighth generation of its smartwatch, now a point of reference for the sector. But the device that most impressed us is undoubtedly Apple Watch Ultra, the new top of the range for extreme sports. However, it’s not just for divers and mountain climbers: the long battery life and Apple-style design make it great for home or office too.

The best tech products 2022: the most interesting laptops

The notebook category offers alternatives for all budgets, come on Chromebook e laptop from a few hundred euros up to the most powerful notebooks for gaming. But this year, we were struck by two truly original products.

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition

acer conceptd 7 spatiallabs min best tech products 2022

The new Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition not only is it a very powerful laptop, with Intel Core H processor and Nvidia top video card: the great news is that it allows you to work on 3D projects, without the need for glasses or screens. The screen (Pantone certified) comes to life, the objects really come out of the notebook. Something you have to experience to believe.

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

asus zenbook 17 fold oled ifa 2022 min

While foldable smartphones are taking up more and more market space, foldable notebooks are still a niche product. But Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED it looks like a really mature product: the large OLED screen folds and accommodates the keyboard made by Asus. And a screen of a desktop PC, a tablet, a laptop. One of the most versatile tech 2022 products, and also one of the best.

The tablets (and e-readers) that have impressed us the most

This year there were several tablet in our list of the best tech products of 2022. There have been really interesting news, companies that have made their debut in this sector and others that have arrived at the tenth edition of their flagship model (here the best).

Asus Flow Z13

ASUS Flow Z13 recensione

Asus Flow Z13 is a tablet that wants to replace a gaming PC. And it does so with a simply magnificent 120Hz screen, a processor Intel Core i9-12900H and a video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. I didn’t think such a product could really work, yet our most avid gamers in the editorial team were delighted by this truly unique product.

Oppo Pad Air

oppo pad air min review best tech products 2022

Oppo Pad Air it is Oppo’s first tablet, yet it seems that the experience that the company has with smartphones has switched to this large format. Quality screen and excellent speakers for watching TV series and videos, a battery that lasts a very long time. And then we really liked the neat design with the “wavy” band on the back.

Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe features

Amazon has demonstrated over the years that they know how to produce excellent quality e-readers at a competitive price. But this year he decided to present Kindle Scribe, on which you can write with the two pens presented by the company. Then you can use it to take notes and write, turning your “portable library” into an e-ink tablet for productivity.

iPad 10

ipad 10 gen review

iPad for many is practically synonymous with tablet, and for good reason: Apple has proven to combine quality and style in this category. This year the Cupertino company has launched the tenth generation of iPad, the ‘base’ model: a really important result. Now it has the camera for calls with Center Stage, a great screen and is still compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil. And it remains the device to beat (excluding the ‘professional’ ones to replace PCs).

Best products 2022: kitchen and appliances

Ours home appliances they are getting smarter, so much so that some take their rightful place in the list of best products 2022.

Skyline of Hisense

Hisense combi fridge review

We have to admit it: we never thought we’d put a refrigerator among the best tech products of 2022. But the series Skyline of Hisense RB645 has put so much technology into this appliance that it deserves it: from the internal touch controls to the various cooling modes, this smart fridge impressed us.

Electric broom SharkNinja

SharkNinja electric broom review 1 1

The Electric broom SharkNinja it immediately surprised us thanks to the Flexology design which not only makes it convenient to store in a small space, but simplifies cleaning under tables and coffee tables. The double and removable battery, the many accessories for any need. This device has earned its place among the best tech products of 2022 because it solves problems in an intelligent way.

DreameBot D10 Plus

DreameBot D10 Plus review

In the smart home there are many useful devices for any eventuality, but robot vacuum cleaners are among the most emblematic: those who have never tried them think they are useless, those who have tried them cannot do without them. DreameBot D10 Plus it also empties by itself, a convenience you’ll soon love. And the Xiaomi Home app is…

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