The best video games coming out in 2024

Atalanta-Salernitana: dove vedere la partita?

After a scary 2023, we’re going on an adventure in 2024: we’ve rounded up for you the best of the many video games coming out next year

If you have read our recent litmus test for 2023, you will be wondering how to overcome such a year: we don’t know either, not with the knowledge of a probable Nintendo Direct in the second month (February 2023, February 2022, February 2021) , but when in doubt, a list of those who already seem to be there the best video games coming out in 2024 we would already have it. After all, we know, hype and subsequent expectations are the daily bread of every self-respecting gamer: and as good as we all are at the waiting game, let’s try to make it a little easier for ourselves. This is the best (of what we know will come out) of what awaits us in the coming year. And there’s enough to uncork the sparkling wine. Unwanted rhyme!

Tekken 8 | The best video games coming out in 2024

Let’s start off as well as 2024 promises to start off on the right foot: among the best video games coming out, the Iron Fist Tournament undoubtedly stands out. Tekken 8 already promises to take the saga to the next level, without having to reinvent the wheel. After all, as the English proverb says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. When the gameplay is solid, even just seeing some new faces with equally new graphics can do wonders for him. And the series doesn’t have much to speak of in the way of ups and downs; Tekken 3, for example, is one of the best chapters, despite having temporarily removed Kazuya Mishima. He introduced his son Jin, he has to say something! And… also Gon from the manga of the same name. Whatever the reason. Uhh… were we saying? Oh, yeah: January 26th!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown | The best video games coming out in 2024

Fresh from the announcement of the gold phase, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown unfortunately it will have a lot to prove in the face of the vulgar prejudices of the modern era about side-scrolling games. It is not surprising, in fact, that the trailer with the least dislikes is the one published by Nintendo’s YouTube channel. For what it’s worth, we couldn’t be more excited to see a major publisher like Ubisoft put their faith in 2.5D camera shots again. A return to the origins that we can’t wait to tasteJanuary 11th with the demo, and to try day one exactly one week later. Appointment, in this sense, for the January 18th.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | The best video games coming out in 2024

Among the best titles of 2023 we didn’t put Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, right? Don’t worry: the sequel is here to make up for it. (Not us; the sequel. It’s his job.) A lot of (ocean) water has flowed under the bridge since we joked about Ichiban Kasuga’s “little dragon in the wind”, but since that famous first trailer Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth it took shape. And we certainly can’t say that we dislike the shape in question. The delirious Japanese underworld of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA boasted a winning formula before, but now that the “boundless wealth” alluded to in the title extends to a customizable Animal Crossing-style island, the January 26th It can’t come fast enough! That’s right, Tekken 8 will have company…

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 | The best video games coming out in 2024

If there is one thing that the advancement of technology gives us the opportunity to fly with our imagination, it is the prospect of a new flight simulator. And we were just thinking about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 when we were typing the article dedicated to Light No Fire. After all, if the creators of No Man’s Sky can already boast a map comparable to our planet, how does this translate into a simulator thanks to which we will be able to fly far and wide over it?! We can only find out… Next year. Yes, precise release dates are a luxury; don’t get used to it.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth | The best video games coming out in 2024

Upon its release, Final Fantasy VII Remake made it clear that there is a limit to games that can be recreated from scratch: the city of Midgar from the original game alone was large enough to deserve its own game. It is not known how much of the 1997 adventure we will be able to relive with different eyes Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but after the first act of the remake we already know that (uhh, spoiler?) the plot intends to take a different turn compared to the video game debut of Cloud Strife and company. In this case, the appointment has a date to mark on the calendar: on February 29. We can not wait!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League | The best video games coming out in 2024

While few will object to Warner Bros.’ jump aboard the live service bandwagon, there are those who will turn their noses up at the knowledge that one of them will be directed by Rocksteady Studios. Luckily, the development team behind the historic Arkham trilogy was able to make lemonade out of lemons Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promises to be from now on. With the undoubted complicity of the same narrative universe as the basic premise, the game will allow us to face Brainiac’s army (including Justice League, unfortunately) in the role of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang and Floyd “Deadshot” Lawton. January 30th!

Princess Peach: Showtime! | The best video games coming out in 2024

Girl power manifests itself in video games in many different ways. Harley Quinn is the rebellious bad girl, but she is in good company: who in turn rebels against the narrative pretexts that have always (or almost, right Super Mario Bros. Wonder?) see her as a hostage is Peach, the pretty princess of the Mushroom Kingdom which will alternate many different gameplays in the “theatrical” Princess Peach: Showtime! for Nintendo Switch. What we have seen so far sees the ruler exploiting multiple different costumes to radically change the gameplay depending on the situation. Spectacle fighter in Bayonetta style with fencer clothes, graphic adventure with detective uniform and so on. 22 March.

Skull and Bones | The best video games coming out in 2024

Yarrrrrrr, body of a thousand whales! Buccaneers, the ship of Skull and Bones he sighted land! Ubisoft’s joker roger pushes his chest out, blown by the wind of live service! The naval battles of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag so invigorated fans that they inspired the French publisher’s crew to create an entire game based on this premise! Very often the helmsman has lost his way, but like the One Piece treasure, Ubisoft’s is also on the verge of arrrrrrrr… ivo! The appointment is on the beaches of the game: dig where the map marks the “X”… the February 13you can’t go wrong!

Penny’s Big Breakaway | The best video games coming out in 2024

When a door closes, a door opens. And that’s why, perhaps, our regret at not having news from the developers of Sonic Mania (Sonic Origins backstory permitting) turned into shouts of jubilation as soon as that fateful Nintendo Direct revealed exactly what kept them busy all this time. Ladies and gentlemen, Penny’s Big Breakaway is a love letter to the platformers of the 90s (especially the Spyro trilogy, with the addition of Sonic’s speed) in which we can exploit our yo-yo to… well, for once maybe it’s the case that it’s the trailer to speak for us. Also because otherwise our gaming stomach would growl again while waiting for more precise release dates than a generic “2024”.

Persona 3 Reload | The best video games coming out in 2024

The Shin Megami Tensei sub-series’ entry into the mainstream came with the third episode, which lives on today (well, technically not “today”) with Persona 3 Reload. The promising remake doesn’t need many tweaks: by re-proposing the original, Atlus would be giving us one of the best Japanese role-playing games on the market. However, this is not a development team that ever really does things by halves, which is why we now have full HD along with the help of the Unreal Engine. And the waits won’t even be the longest: we will have to hold on only until February 2nd!

Foamstars | The best video games coming out in 2024

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for a Square-Enix character to come to Fortnite in skin form, you’ll first have to wait to see whether or not the RPG titan’s multiplayer title will be a success. Taking inspiration partly from Epic Games’ battle royale and partly from Nintendo’s good old Splatoon, Foamstars promises adrenaline-filled team battles with shootouts… soap and water? Yes, that’s right: foam and soap are both our projectiles and a possible source of vertical motion. We are at least curious to see how this project will fare in the increasingly boundless sea of ​​games that aim to dominate our backlog. 2024 Also here.

Paper Mario: The Millennial Portal | The best video games coming out in 2024

We talked about how unique and unrepeatable Super Mario RPG was, but beyond the complex legal sphere that surrounds it, perhaps there are those who have had it worse in recent years. In some ways Paper Mario: The Origami King was a sort of return to the origins in terms of personality and (at times) gameplay, but the stubbornness with which Intelligent Systems (Fire Emblem, Advance Wars) took Shigeru’s minimalism literally Miyamoto is perhaps tougher than the copyright barriers broken down for the return of Super Mario RPG. Perhaps this is why it is a remake Paper Mario: The Millennial Portal it was an excellent “final bomb” for the Nintendo Direct in September. However, we only know that it will be released in 2024. Again.

Avowed | The best video games coming out in 2024

Avoja, having futuristic adventures like the compelling one Avowed. Set in the same world as Pillars of Eternity, this fantasy role-playing game along the lines of The Elder Scrolls promises to be intriguing already based on boasting Carrie Patel at the reins of the project. The narrative designer also worked, among other things, on The Outer Worlds, but plots and plots aside, the thing that most intrigues us is the versatility of the gameplay. We can approach battles in many different ways, as can be seen from the trailers which leave much more space for gameplay than mere pretexts…