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The best video games for Halloween: from Bloodborne to Dead Space

Halloween is almost upon us, a more than perfect time to immerse yourself in a good one video game based on terror and thrill. The gaming market offers a huge amount of products perfectly capable of keeping you company for the scariest night of the year and we at Tech Princess are ready to provide you with a list of our favorites. Without further ado let’s delve into the list of the best video games to play on Halloween.

The best video games to play on Halloween

Residet Evil Village

Let’s start with an unmissable classic, which is the last chapter in the saga of Resident Evil. The Capcom series has gone through many ups and downs during its years of publication, but it is undeniable that with its latest incarnations the software house seems to have found the horror verve of the past.

Village comes as a direct sequel to the misadventures of Ethan Winters who, after a fateful meeting with Chris Redfield, finds himself catapulted into Romania, in the middle of what appears to be a village inhabited by werewolves, undead and vampires. If you want to spend a Halloween in the company of disturbing creatures and blood to the maximum, Resident Evil Village is definitely for you.

Of course we only mentioned the latest addition, but also titles like Resident Evil 2 o 3 Remake they are excellent candidates.


Let’s move on to a slightly less obvious video game when it comes to Halloween, that is Bloodborne, one of the masterpieces of FromSoftware. In this game, in effect the first soulslike of the story, we will visit a city infested with werewolves and beastmen, while our task as hunters will be to survive the night of the hunt and the horrors it hides.

best Halloween video games

The game winks at both classic gothic horror stories and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and to the theme of cosmic horror, managing to merge these two apparently very distant universes very well. All in a playful ecosystem that is as demanding as it is rewarding once you have learned the game mechanics.

Back 4 Blood

We continue our list of the best video games to play on Halloween with another somewhat atypical title. We are talking about Back 4 Blood, the cooperative shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios as a spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead. In this case we are not faced with a video game that wants to scare, but one that, on the contrary, wants to entertain the player to the sound of hordes of undead.

best Halloween video games

In fact, in the game we will have to face a disproportionate amount of nightmare creatures, but not only. There is also the possibility of playing inverted parts, or of impersonate a monstrous champion to wreak havoc in the ranks of humans. If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping game to play with a few friends, this is undoubtedly the best choice.

Dead Space

Here is another great classic: Dead Space. One of the video games universally recognized as the cornerstone of horror in space, Dead Space puts us in the shoes of the unfortunate engineer Isaac Clarke, found for a series of circumstances in the Ishimura space station. Too bad the station is completely haunted by lethal life forms called necromorfi and that the rest of the crew fell victim to these monsters.

best Halloween video games

Dead Space expertly blends horror, splatter and jump scare, to create a thrilling mix that has rarely been replicated in other products. Also thanks to the mechanics of dismemberments, necessary to kill the necromorphs and which makes the player feel the visceral impact of every single kill.

Alien Isolation

Another cornerstone of space horror is Alien Isolation, which strongly refers to the atmosphere of the first Alien film, starring the deadliest xenomorph in history. This game was able to terrify even the most stoic people and for good reason.

The Creative Assembly title puts the player in the shoes of Amanda, engaged in the search for her mother Ellen Ripley but hunted by an alien unwilling to let her do her job in peace. The xenomorph is fast and lethal, but above all it is strong with an adaptive artificial intelligence, designed specifically to learn the player’s patterns and possibly anticipate it. In the long run, this feature creates a sense of constant anxiety, which is also one of the game’s most successful features.

Little Nightmares

We conclude our list of the best video games to play on Halloween with Little Nightmares, one of the most effective and disturbing horror games of the last generation. The player is put in the shoes of a small child named Six, who must survive in a dark world where every other living creature seems intent on killing him in order to eat him.

In terms of gameplay, the game is set up as a platformer, and we can guarantee you that we have spent some hours of pure terror in his company, the atmosphere and the artistic sector of the title are so effective.

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