The blockchain and Intel’s new Custom Compute Group

La blockchain e il nuovo Custom Compute Group di Intel thumbnail

Intel revealed that it will contribute to the development of blockchain technologies with a roadmap of energy efficient accelerators. Raja Koduri, senior vice president and general manager, Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Intel Corporation, gives us a glimpse of the next amazing technologies. Let’s find out all the details together.

Intel and blockchain technologies

Raja M. Koduri is senior vice president of the Core and Visual Computing Group, general manager of edge computing solutions and chief architect at Intel Corporation. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

As a technology, the blockchain has the potential to enable everyone to own a large part of the digital content and the services they create. For some it is a watershed in the field of information technology, which will in fact subvert how we store, we elaborate e we trade our digital assetsat the dawn of the era of Metaverso he was born in Web 3.0.

Therefore, Intel declares its intention to contribute to development of blockchain technologies, with a roadmap of energy efficient accelerators. What Intel wants to do is engage and promote a open and secure blockchain ecosystem. Its goal is to grow this technology in a way responsible e sustainable.

The company is aware that some blockchains require huge amounts of computing power, which turns into an immense demand for energy. Intel’s customers demand solutions scalable e sustainable. Precisely for this reason the company is focusing its efforts on the development of high efficiency computing technologiesa energy that allow the blockchain to realize its full potential.

Intel reveals that theblockchain accelerator the company will be available later this year. The team is collaborating with clients who share their sustainability goals. Argo Blockchain, BLOCK e GRIID Infrastructure are among the first users of this new product.

The continuous efforts of the company

Intel Labs dedicated decades of research into the development of reliable encryption, hashing techniques and very low voltage circuits. They expect the innovations applied in the circuits to allow the company to offer a blockchain accelerator with performance for More than 1,000 times more watts compared to common SHA-256-based mining GPUs. At the International Solid State Circuit Conference scheduled for this month, they will be there important updates.

To support this and other emerging technologies, Intel has created the new Custom Compute Group within the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics business unit. The new team’s goal is create customized and optimized platforms for specific customer workloads, including blockchain and other accelerated supercomputing capabilities at the edge.

Looking ahead, the company aims to use the technologies that will emerge from their initiative zetta-scale computing to provide energy efficient solutions that enable look forward to a better tomorrow.