Le mutate esigenze degli italiani nell’acquisto degli immobili

The changing needs of Italians in the purchase of real estate

How have the needs of Italians changed when it comes to moving house? Let’s see how the yardstick has changed in the purchase of real estate

The real estate market in Italy is configured as a rather lively sector. Above all, it is recovering after the pandemic, which had marked a certain setback. After the Covid emergency, the Italians recovered look for a new home. Above all, having a first home of your own is very coveted, always felt as a safe haven that one could not do without. However, the need to have a second home should not be overlooked either, given that there are 700,000 families who are taking steps to look for a second home. But the needs of our compatriots in looking for a property have changed. Today we are looking for particular characteristics.

The changing needs of Italians in the purchase of real estate

The characteristics sought in real estate

On specialized sites you can find announcements of houses for rent at any rent of all types: this is the case of Immobiliovunque.it, which proposes real estate announcements for homes for sale and for rentwhose references are accepted only by relying on real experts in the sector, i.e. real estate agencies.

In this way, one can also understand what characteristics Italians want to have in a house today, especially when they decide to own one. Our compatriots looking for more space both inside and out. In fact, there is a 36% increase in people wishing to have an extra room.

There is a +12% among those who would also like to have a terrace or a garden. These changed needs have certainly been influenced by the pandemic. Covid has changed the habits of live the housemaking us reflect on how important it is to spend even more time at home, rediscovering specific interests and sometimes even dedicating ourselves to smart working.

The changing needs of Italians in the purchase of real estate

More and more savings are being made

One of the essential changes that can be found today in the modification of the characteristics that Italians look for for a home consists in the desire to aim for savings. This concept takes on two very particular implications, because it is not just a question of saving on an economic level, but also for everything concerning energy consumption.

Ultimately, it must always be remembered that saving energy consumption is closely linked to the possibility of saving money. In fact, by reducing energy waste, by focusing on an energy efficient home, you have the possibility to pay lower bills.

But where does this attention to savings come from? Is it just the desire to have more economic resources? The answer is easy to find and consists in the fact that Italians today are more motivated by the desire to contribute to environmental sustainability.

That’s why when they choose a home they pay close attention to the possibility that a process could be triggered that leads to energy efficiency.

The changing needs of Italians in the purchase of real estate

There is more awareness of the environmental issue, of the possibility and need to avoid waste, to give a concrete hand to reducing pollution, with all the consequences it brings for our health and the environment.

The Italians, at home, start from simple gestures of daily life. They adopt an energy saving strategy for both electricity and gas. For example, they choose class A+++ appliances and use the dishwasher and washing machine only when they are fully loaded, to avoid wasting water and energy.

They also learned how important small gestures are for avoid wasting resources. In this sense they no longer use traditional light bulbs, but energy-saving ones, and they also remember to turn off electronic devices, not leaving them on stand-by. They are also careful about regulating home heating and cooling temperatures, so they can be virtuosic.

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