The Chant, the new psychedelic horror from Brass Token and Prime Matter, unveiled the teaser trailer

Svelato il teaser trailer di The Chant, il nuovo horror psichedelico di Brass Token e Prime Matter thumbnail

Il dark side of spirituality breaks the boundaries of normality nel new teaser trailer psychedelic horror The Chant. The new third person horror action and adventure game for single player, coming later this year, it will keep players in suspense. Below we present the teaser.

The Chant, the psychedelic horror teaser trailer

The Chant is the new horror title from Brass Token and Prime Matter. Set on a remote island during a spiritual retreat, in this horror story you’ll have to do what you can to survive against one myriad of dangers that went wild after a group ritual went terribly wrongopening a portal towards a nightmare dimension called The Gloom.

This dimension feeds on negative energy and it will start driving all the characters in the game crazy, including you, by holding on to your deepest anxieties and fears. It will also manifest itself in the form of creature interdimensionali: Experience a psychedelic horror journey like never before.

Do not be afraid, however, because all is not lost; alone unveiling the mysteries of a new age cult of the 70s and strengthening at the same time mind, body e spirityou can reverse the song and avoid being trapped in the dark forever.

The Chant will be available by the end of 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Keep your eyes open for upcoming news which will be revealed very soon. To not miss any updates you can also consult the official site.

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