The cheap plastic iPad (which Apple discarded)

L'iPad economico in plastica (che Apple ha scartato) thumbnail

Apple would have developed a Cheaper iPad, with the plastic shell to contain prices and compete with Chromebooks. The goal would have been to give a performing product but inexpensive for schools. But the product he would not have completely convinced Cupertinoaccording to analyst Mark Gurman.

Cheap and plastic iPad: the model developed (and discarded) by Apple

At the moment, the least expensive tablet on Apple’s website is the ninth generation iPad at 439 euros, which costs € 150 from the last generation launched (the tenth). But according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, Apple has developed a device under 500 euros with accessories at launchdesigned to become the “standard for schools”.

According to Gurman, Apple would have “internally considered the launch of a iPad with a plastic back and a plastic keyboard, which would come together in a box for less than 500 euros. The idea seems abandoned, but that is probably the only hope for Apple to challenge Chromebooks in many schools ”.

At the moment, Apple’s strategy is to differentiate the iPads (base, Air, Pro) by power and size. But provide quality accessories like the Magic Keyboard e gli Apple Pencil at a price significantly higher than the competition. But promising the best possible quality.

The result is that although Apple’s tablets sell well, many users choose third party accessories. Could providing a cheaper iPad and more affordable accessories have brought Apple technology to schools? It seems that for the moment in Cupertino they are not ready to make that bet.

What do you think about it? A less expensive tablet would have helped Apple to balance the offer and enlarge the number of users, or would have removed potential customers from more expensive devices without increasing sales? Let us know in the comments.