The colorful and nostalgic world of Lost in Play is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam this summer

Il mondo coloratissimo e nostalgico di Lost in Play arriverà su Nintendo Switch e Steam quest’estate thumbnail

What a beautiful childhood: the only concern was finding a place to play to give life to the adventures that were born in our imagination. We’ve all grown up, but that doesn’t mean that feeling has to go away. To bring us back to those carefree years, just wait a few months, until the release of Lost in Play, the new animated adventure that marks the debut in the videogame world of Happy Juice Games, a studio based in Tel Aviv.

The trailer for Lost in Play: A Blast from Childhood

The game is presented as a point and click puzzle adventure, inspired by modern day cartoons, and suitable for children and adults. In fact, the title aims to evoke the game spirit of when we were little, when every afternoon, after school, every corner of the house or garden became a place to play. Venturing into the kitchen or into the other rooms was a real mission. The new video game will take us in the shoes of a brother and sister, who explore dream landscapes while encountering magical creatures. Lost in their imaginations, the brothers Toto and Gal must work together to solve puzzles and return home. A unique 2D adventure for the whole family.

“Regaining that magic is what we set out to do and we hope players will enjoy finding the charm, nostalgia and feel-good factor with this new title,” said Yuval Markovich, co-founder of Happy Juice Games.

Although an official release date has not yet been announced, we know that Lost in Play will arrive by the end of the summer, priced at € 17.99, for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.