The Continental: lo spin-off di John Wick senza Keanu Reeves?

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The spin-off The Continental arrives on Prime Video, without the iconic face played by Keanu Reeves. Based on the prequel saga John Wick; here are all the details

The serie prequel taken from the universe narrated in John Wicktitled The Continental; is ready to land on the platform Prime Video Friday 22 September. Project set in the same universe as the films, this time the iconic protagonist played by the actor will not appear Keanu Reeves.

A decision that stunned many of the spectators who were passionate about the film saga, who grasped the desire to take a gamble launched by the executive producers Erica Lee e Basil Iwanyk.

Let’s find out more details below along with the official trailer.

The Continental: the plot and cast of the John Wick prequel series without Keanu Reeves

As anticipated by the compelling trailer, the spin-off The Continental is set inside the iconic hotel already known in the John Wick universe; this time through the eyes of a young Winston Scott played by a new actor: Ian McShane. In fact, after Keanu Reeves’ farewell; Ian McShane is ready to be dragged into the hell of 1970s New York; showing a past that has never appeared on the screen until now. A deadly journey that will lead to exploring the basement that lies behind the hotel, in a desperate attempt to reclaim what will become his throne.

According to the statements of the executive producers Erica Lee and Basil Iwanyk, renunciation of the iconic face protagonist Keanu Reeves, it was wanted for rmake the story told more interesting and engagingrepresenting on screen the evolution of a key character, through a figure more suited to the period of the story.

In addition to the already mentioned Ian McShane; the two-time Oscar winner also appears in the cast Mel Gibson e Ayomide Adegu (familiar face in the Hunger Games film). The spin-off will be directed by Albert Hughes and Charlotte Brandstrom, with a screenplay by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward and Shawn Simmons; the first episode of the show will be available on Prime Video starting September 22nd.

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