The Crew 2 launches the second episode of Season 5: American Legends

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Officially released yesterday, the second American Legends episode of The Crew 2 Season 5, is now available as a free update for console and PC. The update of the new Ubisoft open world takes us on a journey (on wheels of course) to the rediscovery of American automotive folklore. Flamboyant and legendary vehicles, belonging to the 60s, 70s and 80s, one of the most iconic periods in the history of the US auto industry. But not just cars: secret stories, mysteries and hidden secrets. The update is available for free since yesterday (May 11) on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia e PC Windows su Ubisoft Store ed Epic Games Store.

The Crew 2 Season 5: American Legends- Andiamo in USA!

The episode consists of various intriguing stories. One of the first, for example, is called Prohibited Dreams, and will allow you to unlock the legendary Pontiac GTO 1966. Other rewards will also be part of the new Motorpass: 50 levels with vehicles and objects, unlockable both for free and in premium mode. Some of these are: BMW i8 Roadster Stellar Edition (Street Race), la Chevrolet Camaro SS Bend Edition (Street Race), la KTM X-BOW GT4 Raw Edition (Touring Car). There will also be outfits, currency packages (Crew Credit and Buck) and much more. There is also much anticipation for the introduction of the McLaren Senna (Hypercar), which will be added on June 1st. More vehicles will be added as the episode progresses.

There will also be the weekly appointments of the LIVE Summit experience. In these, players will have a single goal: to assert themselves in the rankings to obtain exclusive rewards. These, including both objects and vehicles, will be awarded according to the placement obtained. Finally, we point out that the new episode will allow you to discover Japan Bits and the Flashback: Japan event, a race inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun and its culture.

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