The Crew 2: US Speed ​​Tour West update available

The Crew 2: disponibile l'aggiornamento US Speed Tour West thumbnail

Ubisoft has released the new update, Stagione 3 Episodio 2 US Speed Tour West, per The Crew 2. The new update is already available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, Stadia and Ubisoft +. After completing the East Coast, theo US Speed Tour moves to the discovery of the West Coast with the new episode of The Crew 2.

The new update of The Crew 2 is available

For players there will be the opportunity to participate in the most competitive challenges ever produced by Motorflix. Each week there will be new race grounds and special time attack events to be held along the way. As for the vehicle line-up, The Crew 2 records the debut of the new brand of car creator, adding a new vehicle each season. All vehicles will be created by 3D artists and designers.

For the new season, the collaboration with Yasiddesign which led to the birth of a mix between an Alpha Grand Prix car and a tractor. It should also be noted that with the new update a Motor pass with a free and premium reward system. Rewards include the Yasiddesign x American Petrol Ed. (Alpha Grand Prix), the Mazda MX-5 Miata NA Spearhog Ed. (Rally Raid) and the Lancia Delta S4 Hoodlum Racing Crew Ed. (Rallycross).

The launch trailer

Here’s the long launch trailer for Ubisoft’s new game update:

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