The Darkest Tales review: Teddy’s dark adventure

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In this review we will analyze the new Trinity Team title, let’s discover The Darkest Tales together, will our teddy bear be able to survive in this fairytale-like story, but with horror hues?

The Darkest Tales, the new action-adventure 2Ddeveloped by Trinity Team and published by 101XP. Available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC e Switch. We tested the version PS4 in backwards compatibility on PS5, below we tell you what we think of this whole new title Italian, will he be able to satisfy us? Read on for our The Darkest Tales review to find out.

The plot…

In The Darkest Tales you play as Teddy (you read that right a teddy bear), after being locked up in a toy box for a long time, one day he is woken up by a fairy (Lighty) who resides in a night light. The fairy informs Teddy that the girl she belongs to is her, Alicia, is trapped in her own mind and is preyed upon by a sleep demon who keeps her locked away in her nightmares. It is up to our makeshift hero to become the knight in shining armor of Alicia and save his beloved from her torment.

Start your journey by getting a pair of scissorswhich thanks to magic, are transformed into two magic blades to brandish. Along the way we will acquire other weapons to add to our arsenal, such as bow and arrow, boomerang, ax and broadsword.

However, the road to victory is long and winding, it will take us inside some of the most famous children’s stories and fairy talestransformed into horrible and bloody nightmares, we could know, among many others, Little Red Riding Hooda magic bean plant from Jack o Peter Pan. The general climate is also dampened by pleasant dialogues during which the two improvised heroes argue and make fun of each other. Brief moments of lightness that do not make them forget the ultimate goal: to save their mistress Alicia.

The Darkest Tales review: Teddy's dark adventure

What is it about? – The Darkest Tales review

The Darkest Tales is a typical two-dimensional action platformer. The combat system it’s enjoyable, if not entirely original. Unfortunately, the longevity of the levels is very low, we can only go up and down the world, or from left to right to complete it, to lengthen the stock numerous enemies have been included including: Trolls, wolves, bees, zombie cookies etc etc.

The beginning will be very easy and calm, while later the stages become more complex. In the beginning, Teddy will be able to run, jump and attack with scissors. Eventually he will unlock other moves, like the dash, shield, grappling hook and double jump, allowing access to unreachable prime areas. One thing we really liked is the skill tree. This type of progression is managed quite well, thus managing to give a fast-paced game. We will start with magic blades and the only ability to jump, coming to juggle numerous weapons and skills. Each new addition will open up to different approaches, which will allow you to vary both the style of play and the progression itself.

The scenarios will be connected via some sort of shattered mirrors suspended in the air, which will act as points for the fast travel and for leveling up. In addition to leveling up weapons and health, skill orbs can also be found. These grant various bonuses and stat boosts, such as gaining extra experience, having a longer run, or getting stronger when your health is low. It is possible to apply a few at a time and, as with weapons, I enjoyed experimenting with them.

The Darkest Tales review: Teddy's dark adventure

A fairytale experience (or almost) – The Darkest Tales review

The art style is very suggestive, with a watercolor aesthetic that makes it look like the pages of a storybook. Each level has a distinct theme, inspired by various fairy tales. The sound design is really well done. The vocal interpretations are very strong. Teddy’s gruff attitude is a perfect fit for a long-discarded and forgotten bear. Many of the other characters were hilarious, with insane monologues and malicious cackles accompanying their performances. Even the soundtrack is wonderfulwith melodies that were a great blend of whim and foreboding.

One of the most obvious shortcomings in our opinion is the lack of one minifolder. As you enter deeper and more articulated scenarios, players will find it difficult to orient themselves. Between jumps and shots, as well as a grappling hook with a timer, we generally observed good responses to commands, except for a few small episodes. Among these, poor reactivity and suspension in the air for a few tenths of a second more than necessary. So these are rather minor bugs.

Regarding the design of the level structures, however, we observed a certain repetitiveness and little variation in the settings and in the design of the enemies. Some of the latter also struggle to be killed, as well as the boss fight they presented some hindrance in post game over loading or in damage not caused to the enemy. We trust in a next patch, in order to put an end to these bugs and live an even better overall experience that is truly enjoyable and pleasant.

The Darkest Tales review: Teddy's dark adventure


Despite its shortcomings, The Darkest Tales it’s still (mostly) funny. The concept of a fairytale world being taken over by an evil entity who turns it into something horrible is a plus. The voice acting and soundtrack are solid and have helped create a world creepy to explore. Trinity Team has certainly hit the mark, offering a great story suitable for all fans of fairy tales, old toys and adventures with a moderate level of challenge.

What do you think of this horror-tinged fairy tale by Trinity Team? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social networks and stay connected on To buy video games at a discounted price, take a look at Instant Gaming.

Plus points

  • Horror setting
  • Skill tree
  • Plot
  • Teddy

Points against

  • Checks
  • Longevity
  • Repetitiveness