The devolo tips for Back to School

I consigli di devolo per il Back to School thumbnail

On the occasion of the Back to School, the German Wi-Fi specialist, devolo, provides users with some important tips to follow. With a few tricks it is possible to adapt to the new school life, increasingly digitalized even with the return in the presence. Here, then, is iconsigli di devolo to face the Back to School period in peace.

A few tricks for a trouble-free Back to School according to devolo

First, it is advisable to equip young students with a laptop or a tablet, a more flexible tool than a desktop computer. This way, you can use the device both at home and at school and take it with you on trips, travels or any other time.

To choose the specifications of a laptop you need to be careful. For the little ones it is necessary to focus on a device with a functional design, simple to use and shock resistant. For the older ones, on the other hand, it is necessary to analyze the data sheet well, preferring a high-performance processor and at least 6 GB of RAM memory (but at least 8 GB would be better underlines devolo).

For the storage space you must not go below 128 GB of SSD storage while the display must have a minimum Full HD resolution. Also essential are a webcam, integrated speakers and a microphone (all elements already present in almost all laptops). The battery must guarantee at least 6 hours of use.

It is good practice to have a fixed monitor at home, in order to take advantage of a larger display. In this case, it is advisable to focus on IPS technology and on a diagonal of at least 23 inches with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Additional accessories such as a printer and external headsets should also be considered.

Beware of the Internet and Wi-Fi

The Internet connection in the house must always be valid. devolo, in this regard, proposes the serie Magic for stable and fast connections of multiple devices. These solutions are easy to install, with Plug & Play systems and mash technology capable of maximizing performance.