The digital giants: 2020 data

The digital world is one of those that in recent years has recorded the best numbers ever in terms of profits and turnover

2020 has seen the exponential growth of everything that has to do with the internet and digital. Within this macro-category there are many microcosms ranging from the world of streaming video reproductions, to the world of e-commerce up to the universe of video games and gambling and today we will try to understand what they are and what they are. what the digital giants of the third millennium do.

Entertainment is digital: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Dazn

We have been witnessing in Italy for several years a steady increase in the sale of mobile devices to the detriment of the “fixed” ones such as PCs or Televisions which instead, only until a few years ago, represented the largest and richest slice of the market. The technological and digital revolution that we have been experiencing for almost a decade, but which has undergone a very strong acceleration in recent years, has changed the needs and habits of all of us, increasingly connected and interconnected thanks to the web and the smartphones that allow us to entertain us at any time of the day. The data, as always, do not lie and tell us about an epochal change of which we have probably not yet fully understood the extent. In 2020, 98% of Italians had access to the Internet and 77% of them placed an online purchase. To influence this exponential growth were also companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Dazn, which have led the way in the world of streaming reproductions and which have now carved out a considerable slice of the market, to the detriment of traditional and historical television broadcasters such as RAI and Mediaset which had to run for cover. As also told by, there are more and more films, TV series and television programs such as “LOL” designed specifically for broadcasting via the internet and all these solutions are particularly appreciated by users who continue to rely without hesitation on the giants of digital.

Online gaming grows: from video games to gambling

Digitization and the ongoing technological revolution have led to the spread of video games in every segment of the population. In the last 10 years, the sales of video games for smartphones have grown by about 90% and the impression is that these are only the dawn of an epochal revolution destined to become, over the years, the norm. The merit of this growth is yes to the mobile devices that now allow anyone to entertain themselves at any time of the day, but also and above all to all those gaming giants who over the years have invested heavily in the sector understanding before others the new needs of ‘ user. Video game enthusiasts will surely know that the world of video games in recent years has been dominated by companies such as EA Sports, which became famous thanks to the football game FIFA, Konami which instead has been releasing PES, Codemasters and Rock Star Game for 25 years. have managed to dominate the international scene and today they record annual sales of billions of euros. In the same way, the world of gambling has changed and mutated with the advent of technology and the credit goes to giants like Playtech which now mainly deals with the design and writing of casino games. Playtech is a British company that has been operating since 1999 and that in these 20 years and little more has managed to have unprecedented success thanks to the creation of online casino games. Whether it is poker games, blackjack, slot machines and Italian card games, enthusiasts can now entertain themselves and play even from smartphones with hundreds of games released by the British manufacturer. The success of online casinos is such that more and more often the need arises to compare the offers of the many betting companies on the web and sites such as have specialized in the review of the various portals to which fans have access.

The digital world is one of those that in recent years has recorded the absolute best numbers in terms of profits and turnover and the feeling is that this is only the beginning of a new era.