The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive to Microsoft: confirmation comes from Phil Spancer

The Elder Scrolls 6 esclusiva Microsoft: la conferma arriva da Phil Spancer thumbnail

According to some statements by Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, The Elder Scrolls 6 it will in all likelihood be exclusive to the Microsoft gaming ecosystem. The news had already been in the air for quite some time, but by now it would seem practically confirmed, given that the manager has defined the project as similar to Starfield regarding the details of the publications.

The Elder Scrolls 6 esclusiva Microsoft

During an interview with the British GQ, Phil Spacer stated that the exclusivity contract to which The Elder Scrolls 6 is subject will be very similar to that envisaged by Starfield. This latest game is an open world based on space exploration, presented this year as an exclusive Xbox e PC. Spencer, however, urged not to see this choice as a punishment towards other platforms, which the executive is sure will continue to grow over the years.

Recently also Tom Howard, CEO of Bethesda, expressed himself on the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls, specifying that the team is still in full development. Bethesda’s goal is to keep unchanged the cornerstones that made the saga great, but adding a level of immersion never seen before, thanks to the use of new technologies.

It must be said that the exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls 6 is at this point a sort of secret of Pulcinella, especially if we consider that Microsoft bought the whole of Bethesda just this year. Already only the exclusivity of Starfield, another title of the US software house, left few doubts about it.

It seems therefore that all fans of the saga on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles will remain dry this time, and we are sure that the disappointment regarding the matter will be quite a lot. That said, the gaming market remains a business nonetheless, and making a long-awaited game like The Elder Scrolls 6 a Microsoft exclusive is a great way to bring new players to the Xbox ecosystem.