The Elder Scrolls Online Eso Plus: 5 reasons to subscribe

The Elder Scrolls Online Eso Plus: 5 reasons to subscribe

The Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus is the periodic subscription to take full advantage of the experience offered by multiplayer in mass online inspired by the saga of The Elder Scrolls. Prior to 2015, the game required a monthly membership and have access to all content. This formula was abandoned, thus becoming a free-to-play to all intents and purposes, why go back to paying for a subscription? What contents are offered?

The Elder Scrolls Online Eso Plus: what is it?

The ESO Plus Membership is only available to The Elder Scrolls Online players on PC and MAC and grants the following privileges:

  • Full access to all available expansions, including new regions, quests, dungeons, and more
  • Unlimited storage of materials useful for crafting
  • 1650 crowns to spend on the Crown Store (the game’s online store)
  • Double space in the bank
  • Acquisition of gold, experience and research of traits increased by 10%
  • Double space for furniture and home objects
  • Unique ability to recolor clothing and armor
  • Double evaluation for transmutation crystals
  • Access to exclusive discounts in the Crown Store

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of The Elder Scrolls Online, here it is 5 reasons why ESO Plus membership is worth it.

1. Tamriel 360°

We have said it several times, the strong point of The Elder Scrolls Online is the world of Tamriel, the characters and the stories linked to it. Since 2014, the year of publication, the game has experienced a sensational growth in content (and players) that have enriched it enormously with the regions we have known in the original saga. Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr are some of the expansions that have introduced the various regions into the game bringing with them tons of new quests, dragons, dungeons and much, much more.

With the’ESO Plus subscription all of this will be at your fingertips without having to buy each set individually. If we consider that each expansion is usually accompanied by three extra contents of around 10 euros each, well, this is a considerable economic saving. Not to mention the possibility of having a 100% complete experience, having at your disposal all the wonders Tamriel has to offer.

2. Crafting at last

The system of crafting or creation within the game is not a peculiarity ofESO Plus. It must be said, however, that without the latter, dedicating yourself to the creation of objects, potions and equipment is not at all simple or tantalizing. In fact, the space at our disposal is very scarce and is often reserved for weapons, armor and objects of high value to be resold on the market. We can actually “complete” the game without ever having to deal with the crafting system.

With ESO Plus this privation is no longer necessary: ​​the space available and the possibility to buy objects and materials in the Crown Store they give new life to a game mechanics that are not at all trivial that can give a lot of satisfactions.

3. MMORPG con stile

Like any self-respecting subscription, The Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus also guarantees subscribers a good dose of skins, clothes and purely aesthetic elements which, although they do not bring any advantage in terms of power or defense, still make a good impression.

Clothes, pets, objects to decorate the house and many other items will be available to you in the Crown Store at a bargain price for everyone to see your style. After all, what good is a horse when you can explore the world on the back of a flaming puma?

4. Not just skins

But if you are one of those players who prefer utility over beauty, don’t worry, the ESO Plus will make you happy too. The number of objects and so-called utilities available are wasted. Le 1650 crowns available each month they can be used to improve your career as an adventurer in a flash, for example by buying some blessed extra inventory space, always too small!

As anticipated, the subscription also guarantees a increased experience and gold earned by 10% so as to have an edge over other players and fearlessly face the most dangerous bosses.

5. The certainty of the future

This is certainly one of the most interesting points for which it is worth subscribing to ESO Plus from The Elder Scrolss Online. The subscription works as a kind of Season Pass of video games in Single Player, that is, guarantees free access to all content, updates and expansions that will be released in the future. This means, for example, that the new High Isle expansion arriving next June 6thwill be available free of charge to all subscribers who will therefore not have to pay the 39,99€ needed to dock on the High Isle, the newly introduced region.

All this without counting the future of TESO which, given the growing fame and participation of players, which amount to over 2.5 million, looks brighter than ever.

The Elder Scrolls Online Eso Plus: prezzi

The ESO Plus subscription is available in 4 price and cadence variants:

  • Monthly subscription: € 12.99 per month
  • Quarterly: € 35.99 or € 11.99 per month
  • Semi-annual subscription: at a cost of € 64.99, equal to € 10.89 per month
  • Annual: at a cost of € 124.99, equal to € 10.41 per month
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