The electricity column bonus is starting: how to apply to get it

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From 19 October to 2 November 2023 it will be possible to do request to get the bonus electric columnsthe contribution allocated by the Government for the installation of charging stations.

What is the electric column bonus?

Il bonus electric columns it is the contribution allocated by the Meloni government and granted by the Ministry of Business and Made In Italy. It is part of the financial maneuver and provides for a budget of 40 million euros.

The contribution is used to support purchase and installation of columns for charging electric cars and can be requested by individuals or condominiums. The incentive aims to increase the installation of new generation charging stations, new from the factory and with standard power.

Il bonus also provides that the electric columns are not accessible to the public, but installed so that they are for exclusively private use, in the case of natural persons, or only for condominiums if requested by a condominium.

But when will it be available?

The date from which it will be possible has been made official make a request for the electric column bonus. It will be possible to apply starting from 12pm on 19 October 2023 and the portal will remain open until November 2, 2023.

Then there is also the bonus electric columns intended for businesses and professionals, for which it will be possible to apply starting from 26 October 2023.

How much is the bonus worth and when will it be issued

Il bonus electric columns consists of a contribution equal to 80% of eligible expenses. It therefore means a reimbursement of the costs incurred for the installation of electric columns which can reach a maximum of 1,500 euros for natural persons e 8,000 euros for condominiums.

Those who have already incurred the costs to install the systems will be able to apply electric columnsonly in the period between 4 October and 31 December 2022. Only at a later time will the second part of the funds for the reimbursement of the charging stations installed starting from 1 January 2023 also be released.

Electric column bonus: what it isAn electric car charging in California

The eligible expenses which fall within the 80% reimbursement and allow you to make a request They are the following:

  • L’purchase and the posing charging infrastructure, which includes installation, closely related building works and electrical and monitoring systems
  • Design costs
  • Costs of electricity networka

However, expenses for taxes such as taxes and charges and expenses for building permits are not included.

Il bonus electric columns will be issued, until the end of the financial resources made available, within 90 days from the deadline for submitting applications.

SPID, electronic and national identity card: how to apply?

The question for request the electric column bonus it can be requested, starting from 19 October, by connecting to the Invitalia website.

You need to select “bonus domestic charging stations” for individuals and condominiums, unlike the “business and professional charging point bonus”, and then access with SPIDelectronic identity card or national card.

You will then need to fill out the application in its entirety.

In order to effectively submit your application, a PEC address – Electronic Certified Mail – active.

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