Xbox sostiene i giocatori con disabilità con nuove feature sull'accessibilità thumbnail

Xbox supports gamers with disabilities with new accessibility features

Xbox supports gamers with disabilities with new thumbnail accessibility features

Accessibility Xbox improves with updates and features designed especially for people affected by disability. The announcement comes via Xbox Wire, on the occasion of the annual Gaming & Disability community awareness program: here’s what it’s about.

xbox accessibility

Xbox accessibility updates

Among the new features we find the channel “Accessibility in the game“, both on the Xbox store and on This includes hundreds of games and a series of Xbox Game Accessibility Feature Tags, useful for players to find the next accessible title. Furthermore, from today the pairing wireless no longer requires direct contact with the console. This means players can put their console into pairing mode through an Xbox Media Remote or digital assistant voice command. They can also use a previously paired controller to connect a new one to the console.

xbox updates

Xbox also updated the menu “Game accessibility settings” on the widgets in the Game Bar, improving the gaming experience on PC. This update makes it even easier to locate accessibility settings on the platform. Then there are the news for Xbox Ambassador Accessibility Explorer Pathwith new knowledge tools and rewards, rewarding more than 2 million missions completed since launch in October 2022.

Still on the subject of accessibility, the Xbox team presented the Playbook for accessible in-game events. A guide that includes the 12 best practices collected over the years collaborating with Gaming & Disability. Finally, the arrival of Elite 2 and of theXbox Adaptive Controller for Keyboard Remapping. Thanks to these features, all players will be able to remap the controller buttons on nearly 90 keys on the keyboard of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and on the Elite Series 2. This will allow players with motor disabilities to play products that only support input from mouse and keyboard using the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

All the latest accessibility feature news is on the Xbox Wire, includingAdaptive Gaming Program del Craig Hospital and the Microsoft Game Testing Service.

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