L'UE lancia la sfida a Starlink: una costellazione di satelliti per Internet ad alta velocità thumbnail

The EU challenges Starlink with a constellation of satellites

The EU is also looking at the potential of satellite connectionsofficially launching the challenge to Starlink with a new ambitious project, already announced at the beginning of 2022 and now officially supported by the European Parliament and Council as well as by important funds (about 6 billion euros of investment). Here are the details:

The EU focuses on satellite connections and challenges Starlink

The new EU project is very ambitious: the goal, in fact, is create a constellation of satellites in a few years in orbit capable of guaranteeing the necessary infrastructure to be able to make satellite connections. Overall, it’s expected the launch of 170 satellites by 2027 against an investment of 6 billion euros. The constellation will be called IRIS.

Part of the funds of the IRIS project with which the EU aims to challenge Starlink in the satellite connection sector comes from private individuals which will cover about half of the investments. According to preliminary information, the development of the project will come alive in 2023. As anticipated, in a few years, the EU aims to complete its constellation.

The goal is to ensure a high-speed satellite connection throughout Europe, even covering Africa, at least in the northern area and thus challenging the Chinese competition. More details on the project should arrive in the coming months.

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