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The EU wants smartphone and laptop batteries to be user-replaceable

The European Union proposed a new regulation to make the more sustainable batteries and therefore reusable, paying attention to the life cycle of the battery itself. What is it about?

The reuse of batteries in the EU

The EU is making progress on the regulation of technological devices, such as the new law to approve the USB charging ports smartphone standards. She also spoke out on the reuse of batteries, from material extraction to disposal.

Agreement on revision of EU battery rules aims to make it easier to remove and replace all types of batteries sold in Europe. It also aims to sensitize the consumer and make him aware of the life cycle of the battery itself through explanations transferred to QR codes on the labels.

More sustainable batteries for everyone

The so-called “policy of due diligence” by the European Union will also be implemented to address i social and environmental risks related to the processing and trade of raw and secondary materials for batteries.

The regulation also establishes minimum levels of recycled materials required in the production of new batteries: 16% cobalt, 85% lead, 6% lithium and 6% nickel.

Which batteries will have to follow the regulation

The new regulation will apply to portable batteries, to SLI batteries (providing energy for the starting, ignition or ignition of vehicles), alle batteries of light transport vehicles (providing energy for the traction of wheeled vehicles such as electric scooters and bicycles), batteries for electric vehicles and industrial batteries.

However, manufacturers will have three and a half years after the legislation is passed to design portable batteries into appliances that allow users to easily remove and replace them themselves.

This will be a real challenge for tech giants, like Apple e Samsung, as most smartphones and laptops on the market today come with non-removable batteries. The regulation could force these companies to completely rethink their product design.

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