The European Guarantor fines TikTok 345 million, but the app has already changed

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Il European Privacy Supervisor fined TikTok 345 million euros for processing minors’ data – but the fine comes from a dispute three years ago, and TikTok changed the app eight months ago to comply with European standards.

TikTok, fined 345 million by the European Guarantor (three years later)

The Dublin Guarantor found that TikTok had not implemented adequate protections for minors registered during the period from July 31 to December 31, 2020. These protections include the age verification process during registration and public profile settings, as well as control tools for parents.

It appeared that TikTok had created registration mechanisms that left children’s profiles open to anyone by default, with no protections from unwanted contact. Furthermore, lThe function of linking a minor’s account to that of a parent did not provide for verification of the link between the two.

But as Wired points out, the Dublin verdict comes three years after the contested events. Meanwhile, TikTok has taken some actions to address these concerns. Including blocking all users under the age of 13 and making minors’ profiles private by default.

TikTok said it disagree with the decision and pointed out that many of the issues raised related to settings and features in the app three years ago. Already modified before the investigation began. The platform also highlighted its commitment to implementing protection measures for minors.

The fine imposed on TikTok is one of the heaviest issued under the GDPR, the fifth highest ever. Although we are far from the 1.2 billion euros against Meta, the fact that the fine comes months after TikTok resolved the problem will cause a lot of discussion. To defend the privacy of Europeans, we need to streamline the process and reach a verdict more quickly, according to many commentators.

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