State of Play | Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn announces the date of the squirrel!

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On the State of Play stage last night, the release date of the Tales of Arise DLC, entitled Beyond the Dawn, was announced: let’s discover all the details together in this dedicated article

Last night’s State of Play stage wasn’t just about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (even though that trailer will cause a lot of discussion among fans in the months to come) and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There was also a place for a DLC of a decidedly “minor” title, compared to the two aforementioned, but what is undoubtedly one of the best JRPGs of recent years. Over a year has passed since the conclusion of Tales of Arise (here is our review), but there is a lot that has not yet been told.

Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn is shown with trailer and release date

In fact, Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn has been announced, the next expansion of Bandai Namco Europe’s JRPG. With over 20 hours of content, the new expansion adds new missions, dungeons, bosses and an epic new story, all within a fantasy world we’ve come to know. Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn will be available from November 9th on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

The synopsis is as follows:

Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn begins one year after the conclusion of Tales of Arise. Alphen and the rest of the Six are in a difficult position: revered as Dahna’s liberating heroes or reviled as destroyers of Rhineland rights. They accidentally meet the enigmatic Nazamil, a powerful young girl, the daughter of a Lord of Rena and a slave of Dahna. The Six offer to protect Nazamil, but many things will happen as players progress and bond with their companions as they face a world divided after the fusion of Rena and Dahna. In this expansion, players will experience exciting new challenges and see a world that is both familiar and yet changed.

And that’s it: we already know everything, even the release date, of Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn, we just have to wait until November 9th to finally try it. Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes!

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