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The European Parliament gives the green light to the universal charger

After a long wait, the approval of the European Parliament al universal charger for smartphones, tablets and cameras. As soon as the new rules come into force, therefore, users will no longer need to purchase a new charger every time they decide to change an electronic device. The standard model, in fact, will be that with the USB-C port, regardless of the device manufacturer. An important change that users have been waiting for for a while.

Universal charger: Parliament’s approval arrives

The European Parliament has recently approved the introduction of the universal charger for all hi-tech devices, except for small ones that cannot guarantee the housing of a USB-C port. Smartwatches, health monitoring products and some sports equipment will therefore remain excluded. All the others, however, will report useful information on charging optionsto prevent users from purchasing additional chargers. The objective of this maneuver, of course, is to reduce the environmental impact of products.

Considering that the devices can be sold without a new charger, it has been estimated that users they will save up to € 250 per year. And they will be incentivized to reuse old charging devices. This will have more than positive repercussions on the environment around us, as well as on our pockets. Indeed, given that the use of wireless charging has become increasingly frequent among owners of mobile devices, MEPs have asked the Commission for a strategy that allows this charging method to work in combination with others in circulation. In both cases, the intent is to avoid users being dependent on only one manufacturer by finally making a universal charger available.

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