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The FIFA World Cup Daily by Hisense officially begins

FIFA+ e Hisense are ready to engage fans during the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 with an incredible new initiative: we’re talking about the FIFA World Cup Daily by Hisense. Transmitted everyday from the FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, the show will see the participation of international guests to let viewers from home experience all the magic of great football.

The FIFA World Cup Daily by Hisense officially begins

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FIFA+ is proud to announce the launch of FIFA World Cup Daily by Hisense, a format created live every day by the FIFA Fan Festival at Al Bidda Park in Doha. The show will involve football legends, creators, influencers and celebrities to relive the best of World Cup matches in Qatar.

The format is presented by Hisensethe official sponsor of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, and once again testifies to the close bond that has united the company with FIFA for years.

To celebrate the global appeal that has always characterized the FIFA World Cup, the show will offer a global programming e locale. The matches will be accompanied by reports but also by original content 32 young content creators from all over the world.

An exceptional team

FIFA World Cup Daily by Hisense will be led by a team of expert broadcasters driven by Caroline De Moraes (Eurosport e BBC), Michael ‘Timbsy’ Timbs (COPA90) and Rachel Stringerformer presenter of EA Sports FIFA Global Series.

In each episode, which will last approximately 25 minutes, you will have access toextensive archive of FIFA+. Furthermore, space will be given to some dethe best moments e unforgettable of past tournaments, live challenges and the “behind the scenes” of the FIFA Fan Park.

Charlotte Burr, Director of Strategy, Digital and FIFA+he has declared:

“FIFA+ has always set itself the goal of creating new experiences for its fans. FIFA World Cup Daily, created in collaboration with Hisense, will certainly offer an even more immersive and exclusive experience in the world of football.“

Instead Alex Zhu, Vice President of Hisense Group and President of Hisense Internationalhe has declared:

“At Hisense we are huge football fans and we know that, when it comes to this sport, two things are always true. Firstly, football fans can’t get enough of the FIFA World Cup. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our consumers the best, most comprehensive and easiest access to FIFA World Cup programming. Secondly, football fans want content that is unique to them, their countries, their teams, their culture. Having creators from around the world help us capture these magical moments will help Hisense deliver the ultimate FIFA World Cup experience to its viewers.”

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