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The first city tour in the Coderblock metaverse

CoderblockPalermo-based innovative SME specializing in creating immersive virtual experiences, has announced that it will preview one first version of your own metaverse. Let’s find out all the details together and when the presentation will take place.

The Coderblock metaverse

Danilo CostaFounder & CEO of Coderblock, and partner Aura Nucciotoday Head of Design and COO of the company, said:

The need to transform users’ online experiences into ever more immersive adventures is growing day by day. In Coderblock we are creating a real game for business: a metaverse that allows companies and users to meet according to the logic of the virtual economy. ” – they declare

Il first virtual hub of the metaverse Coderblock will be previewed Saturday 7 May 2022 on the occasion of the inauguration of the DoseFactory in Catania. During the event, visitors will finally be able to get a glimpse of the city and explore Coderblock Metaverse; here will have the opportunity to navigate with your avatar discovering the first virtual city, wandering the streets, visiting offices, conference rooms, shops and shopping centers.

The presentation of the first virtual hub, however, is only the first step in one dense roadmap for the virtual platform. Among the main steps of the roadmap we find:

  • The launch of a blockchain-based virtual currency;
  • Entry into the NFT world;
  • The opening of the presale of land.

The hub area will be populated by the Coderblock experiences; however, there will also be companies who want to reserve your own space to offer services, products or to obtain visibility with the users of the platform.

The goal is to create an experience accessible ed user-friendly: end users and companies will be able to access the Coderblock metaverse directly online, via web or mobile browser. To join the city tour in the Coderblock metaverse, you can sign up through the official site.

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