A Milano nasce il primo design hub nel Metaverso thumbnail

The first design hub in the Metaverse is born in Milan

Il Design Hub in Piazza del Tricolore becomes the first physical and virtual space dedicated to design in the heart of Milanoexpanding to the point of supporting multiple real events, spaces in which to immerse yourself completely thanks to enabling solutions for the Professional Metaverse. Here are all the details.

The first Design Hub in the Metaverse arrives in Milan

Tricolore Design Hub e Vection Technologies, leading company in the development of 3D and VR solutions for companies, they combine experience and know-how to offer the world of design a new and disruptive digitization process; a new immersive and infinite world that comes to life thanks to the Virtual realitythus extending the physical spaces.

And here is the Design Hub from Tricolor square turns into the physical and virtual space dedicated to design, right in the heart of Milan.

The virtual reality projects will be fully usable within the exhibition area of ​​the showroom through the use of 3D viewers which will allow you to immerse yourself completely in these intangible spaces.

A tool with enormous potential that will allow those who benefit from these technologies to to design, update, change e make their products unique.

The commitment of Vection Technologies

Vection Technologies welcomes the needs of the market and is committed to developing targeted solutions XR (extended reality), virtual reality, Mr e increased, of a professional level and, above all, of immediate use for companies. This means that companies and planners, real estate managers and developers are thus accompanied by project concept or of product for all operational phases up to maintenance in safety and with a high level of quality and professionalism.

Vection Technologies, after acquiring in 2020 at least to expand XR capabilities for CAD and BIM integrations and then Blank Canvas, in 2021 bought JMC Group, strengthening the XR solution offering e integration with the world of ICT.

After the success at Gitex in Dubai, where it was presented for the first time, now l’XR Kiosk will be exhibited in the Museum of Science and Technology at the Cisco Innovation Center a Milanoand then be installed in the spaces of Tricolore Design Hub.

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