The first free update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available

Disponibile il primo aggiornamento gratuito di Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak thumbnail

During today’s digital event of Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakRyozo Tsujimoto e Yoshitake Suzuki hanno annunciato che l’Title Update 1il first free update title, is now available.

The first free update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available

The first title update is full of new content for the heroic hunters of the Kingdom. Among the various contents we also find the return of four fan favorite monsters and an expansion to the system Anomaly Missions for more challenges and rewards. Additionally, players who have achieved the Master Rank 10 they will see the arrival of new ones event missions every week after the update.

Last seen in 2013 in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Nargacuga shines refracts the moonlight from his bright white fur to become almost Invisibleexcept for his piercing red eyes.

His relentless attacks and incredible speed make him a punitive target even for the most experienced hunters. Isn’t an invisible enemy enough? Then get ready for Seething Bazelgeuse that can crash the party with its incredibly volatile explosive scales. Finally we also find Gold Rathian e Silver Rathaloswhich come swooping in the first title update.

These rare subspecies they are even more ferocious than their iconic counterparts. Also, the armor that can be crafted from the monster materials added in the ver.11will include new unique skills.

Other news of the update

With the new update, the title expands the Anomaly Search Missions System. The new rating has been unlocked a Five stars for Anomaly Missions, which includes new monsters such as Lunagaron e Magma Almudron – players can unlock them by progressing through the new missions Anomaly investigations.

Players will also find a new quest system called Anomaly investigations. These missions deliver conditions of random missionssuch as target monsters, locations and number of hunters with gradually increasing difficulty levels. The higher the degree of difficultythe better the rewards.

These anomaly investigations also offer new materials that allow hunters to customize your own equipment in Quriose creations. And if the players need specific materials, they can also stop at the new Anomaly research laboratory from Bahari the scientist.

In addition to all this content, there will be new ones Event Quest every week starting from August 18, 2022along with missions “Double danger” challenging extras for those who wish to test their courage. Then there are new ones DLC options for layered armor, hairstyles, stickers, BGM and even costumes from NPC which allow hunters to customize their favorite characters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

For more information you can consult the official site.