The first MacBook with an OLED display could arrive next year

Il primo MacBook con display OLED potrebbe arrivare l'anno prossimo thumbnail

Apple he could throw his own primo MacBook con display OLED by the end of next year, 2024, according to analysis by Ming-Chi Kuo. According to the Apple supply chain expert, we should also see slimmer shapes and a lighter design.

Macbook with OLED display coming in 2024

As reported by Kuo in a series of tweetsthe arrival of the first MacBook con display OLED it would be closer than previously thought. All current MacBook models have LCD panels, with the latest models having them Pro 14 and 16 inchi who use gods backlit mini-LED displays with technologies like ProMotion.

The main difference for OLED panels is the lack of backlighting: the pixels are self-emitting, lighting up on their own. This allows you to leave off the pixels on the screen in the areas corresponding to the black of the images, providing outstanding contrasts. But also a less consumption of battery resources.

Kuo didn’t specify whether Apple’s next OLED MacBook could be a Pro or Air model. But an earlier post by the display expert Ross Young he explained that Apple may introduce an OLED MacBook Air by 2024: the coincidence in time suggests it is the same computer.

Young also predicted that next year we should also see the11″ and 13″ Pad Pros with OLED display, although this rumor has not yet received confirmation.

Although Apple is focusing on OLED displays for iPad and Mac screens, it seems to want to stop using them for Apple Watch Ultra. The analyst Mark Gurman at Bloomberg in fact, he explained that Apple’s next sports watch could have a display in microLED. This should increase the brightness, making it easier to see the screen in bright sunshine.