Il primo smartphone con 20 GB di RAM è realtà ma c'è un trucco thumbnail

The first smartphone with 20 GB of RAM is a reality but there is a catch

Recently, ZTE launched the new ZTE Axon 30, top-of-the-range smartphone with 12 GB of RAM memory as well as with a front camera integrated into the display. ZTE’s new smartphone includes a feature that is set to spread quickly to the market. The smartphone, in fact, can use part of its internal memory to increase RAM memory up to a maximum of 20 GB. However, this is not the first smartphone with 20 GB of RAM memory.

ZTE also increases the RAM of the smartphone by exploiting the internal memory

The new ZTE Axon 30 is not the first smartphone with 20 GB in RAM memory and ZTE did not achieve a record by achieving this goal. The Chinese house, as also done by Xiaomi e OPPO, has introduced a new function that allows the device to increase the RAM by exploiting the internal memory. From 12 GB and, therefore, it is possible to reach up to 20 GB with 8 GB of memory allocated with RAM function.

The new functionality is introduced with a software update and it could also arrive on other smartphones. While not a real first, this system will allow the device to be able to count on a better multi tasking by increasing the RAM.

Will RAM expansion be the future?

A function of this type has been available, for some days, also in Italy on some OPPO smartphones. In the future, this particular memory management system will most likely be used by many other manufacturers as well. The tests will tell us if the performance will actually be better or not.

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