The foldable iPhone could arrive in 2024

iPhone Fold: mancano ancora anni per il pieghevole di Apple thumbnail

Apple may not launch its first iPhone pieghevole by 2023. Indeed, the smartphone is much more likely to hit the market in 2024, or so reports analyst Ross Young. Not surprisingly, the rumors related to the launch of the phone have decreased in recent months, but that does not mean that the Cupertino company is not working on the new project. Indeed, quite the opposite.

Foldable iPhone: Apple could launch it in 2024

A few months ago, news leaked that Samsung had provided samples of foldable displays to Apple for testing purposes, and that the Cupertino company might even be partnering with LG Display. Earlier, in May, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that Apple would launch a foldable ‌iPhone‌ with a 8-inch flexible OLED display in 2023. But as early as January Bloomberg had reported that the company had started “the first works” on a foldable smartphone. In short, the idea that Apple was working on this new project has been around for a while.

On the other hand, Kuo also stated that the future of the sector will be all about folding smartphones. An intuition that Samsung has had for a while, given that in recent months it has worked hard to perfect its proposal on the market. In fact, at the very beginning of the year, he presented the new one Galaxy Z Fold3. A device that looks almost perfect compared to the first model launched many years earlier. This means that if Apple were to choose to launch a foldable iPhone it would have to contend with big giants in the sector.

According to Kuo, the company will still have to solve “technological and mass production problems” to launch the smartphone in 2023. And this makes us think that maybe it will really be 2024 the best date for launch. On the other hand, the company is not doing very well in terms of production in recent months, so perhaps it is not yet ready to release such an important product. But it will get there, no doubt.

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