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The French Scar trend on TikTok: why we should care

TikTok is a land of trends, viral contents and fads. Often these are harmless ballets, other times virtuous and interesting initiatives (as in the case of the Mascara Trend we told you about here). However, it may happen that other contents and challenges can be dangerous, especially when they are carried out by very young users. This is the case with the trend of french scar, which in recent weeks has been populating TikTok with videos and hashtags. But what exactly is it about?

What exactly is the French Scar trend on TikTok

As the name suggests, the trend is to get hold of visible hematomas, albeit of slight intensity, mainly on the face at cheekbone height, squeezing the skin of his cheeks hard. It is an apparently harmless challenge, but some important consequences should not be underestimated.

The name also suggests the place of origin of the fashion but, as we well know, the TikTok challenges know no geographical boundaries. Thus it happens that even in Italy many very young people publish videos in which they proudly show their “scars” on their faces, obviously self-inflicted. To get an idea of ​​the phenomenon, and its extent, just go to TikTok and search for the hashtag #scar. This collects, at the time of writing this article, content that exceeds 59 million views.


At the basis of the trend there would be the desire to show, or simulate, one’s physical durability, pretending to have just come out of a physical fight. Precisely for this reason, widespread on social networks, they are present numerous tutorials on how to self-inflict the conspicuous red spots on the face squeezing his fingers tightly around his cheekbones. Another trend that risks getting out of hand.

As proof of this there are, again on TikTok, videos of very young men and women who complain about the difficulty in obtaining this red sign. “I can’t, I’ve been trying for days,” writes a girl in a comment. While others complain: “I did it and now I have a red smear on my face and it doesn’t go away” or “I’ve had a purple streak under my eye for two weeks” and again “I succeeded, now how takes away?”.

The trend has already attracted the attention of both schools and institutions. In Puglia, the USR (Regional School Office) has already reported some cases of students, even very young ones, who showed up in class with similar bruises on their faces.

The Postal Police warns families and children

Given the growing number of Italian accounts that are taking part in the trend, the Postal Police intervened by warning parents. A post on the official website also explains the possible risks of “fashion”. Specifically, it reads:

“The intent is to take on a rougher and more daring appearance, showing the signs of a fictitious fight. It is evident that what is obtained is instead a temporary disfigurement of the face, the results of which, however, can last several weeks, sometimes producing even serious damage to the skin”.

When addressing families, the Postal Police ask parents and guardians to “monitor social activity” and “encourage a dialogue with your children”, in order to understand if they are aware of similar challenges, trying to understand their point of view on the matter. The post closes with an appeal to the boys:

“Our body deserves the utmost respect and disfiguring or injuring it to appear more “cool” is not a good habit. The hematomas produced on the cheekbones for the French scar challenge can last for weeks and leave visible marks for many months. In a few weeks this “fad” will stop being popular and you will still have signs of a moment of impulsiveness.”

Dermatologists explain: “The bruise could become an angioma”

In addition to the Postal Police post, there are several dermatologists who have intervened on the matter, underlining the danger of an apparently harmless challenge. The Arena brings back the words of Giampiero Girolomonidirector of the Dermatology unit of the integrated university hospital of Verona said:

“The bruise could in fact turn into an angioma, or a skin imperfection that appears in the form of red-purple spots of various shapes and sizes, characterized by small red dots surrounded by blood vessels. In this case it could take years for it to disappear. In some cases it could even become permanent, for which a laser intervention would be needed “

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