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The future of Wikipedia could be AI

Despite some hitches – see the blocking of ChatGPT in Italy and the fake news of images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) – it is clear that technology is revolutionizing our approach to the web. He also spoke on the matter today Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, who opened the doors to AI as a tool to keep the most famous encyclopedia on the web up-to-date. Interviewed by Evening Standard (via Ansa), Wales said:

“We are all very cautious. We know of the existence of language models, some not yet good enough, but the idea is intriguing and would offer a lot of possibilities”.

Wales pointed out the imprecision of ChatGPT, which often processes absolutely inaccurate information. We at, before the blockade in Italy, tried the chatbot for a long time. In particular, we tried to use ChatGPT to obtain information on the song Disperato Erotico Stomp by Lucio Dalla (as we were preparing a new episode of our section dedicated to songs). The answer that the chatbot gave us alarmed us, as it was totally inaccurate. Asked for information on the song, ChatGPT replied that the song was written and interpreted by Cristiano Malgioglio. Absolutely false notion.

Wikipedia founder: “Future AIs will be able to write encyclopedia pages”

Apparently we are not the only ones who are hesitant, as the founder of Wikipedia himself said: “ChatGpt is hallucinating. It could be a very dangerous element for Wikipedia”.

Wales believes that a future integration of AI into Wikipedia writing processes could be possible if the technology is more reliable. The thought then goes to GPT5the most advanced version of the language model currently in place, which could arrive later this year.

Meanwhile, the AI ​​that seemed more accurate and reliable to us is currently Bing Chat, based on GPT4.

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