Il Galaxy A73 avrà una fotocamera da 108 MP thumbnail

The Galaxy A73 will have a 108MP camera

The Galaxy A73 will have a 108MP thumbnail camera

Last year Samsung first launched one 108MP camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and has since become a must-have feature in all of the company’s Ultra models. But now it looks like Samsung is interested in bringing this technology to cheaper smartphones as well. According to The Elec, the Galaxy a73 of 2022 will have a 108MP camera. And that’s not all. From what has emerged, this will also have optical image stabilization (OIS), confirming what had already been anticipated by some reports on Samsung’s new A series.

Galaxy A73: 108MP camera will arrive in 2022

At the moment, there are no details on the exact model of the camera sensor that we will see on the Galaxy A73. What we know for sure, however, is that the smartphone will have a better photographic sector than the previous A72. A 108 MP camera could therefore be in the technical equipment of the new A-series smartphone. And that would result in more detailed shots in broad daylight when shooting at full resolution, even if that comes at the expense of larger files.

On the other hand, however, it must be considered that with 108 MP sensors shooting at maximum resolution often involves longer processing times. An issue that was found in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and that we hope Samsung corrects in the new Galaxy A73, especially considering that mid-range phones have less efficient silicon. The hope, therefore, is that the company will optimize the chipset of the new model. And if so, it is clear that it would indeed be a very interesting innovation for users.

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