Il Galaxy S22 non si carica più velocemente con i supporti ad alta potenza thumbnail

The Galaxy S22 doesn’t charge as fast with high-powered media

Absolute fans of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 they may not be happy to read this news. Yet, as much as we regret admitting it, it would seem that the new smartphone has some charging problems with fast media. The company recommends “using the 45W power supply with Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22 + and the 25W power supply for Galaxy S22” for best results. But apparently using a more powerful charger doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of charging times.

Galaxy S22: Charging times do not improve with more powerful support

Recently a series of tests examined the charging performance of the new Samsung models paired with three different chargers: a 25 W adapter, a 45 W adapter and a 65 W USB-PD adapter. So, after examining how long it takes to fully charge smartphones and how much charge can be accumulated in 30 minutes, the results show quite remarkable homogeneity. The test unearths one difference of only 5% between the best and worst performances in the quick charge test. And a difference of only 5 minutes when a full charge is reached.

Galaxy S22 chargingCredits: GSM Arena

Considering that Samsung’s 45W adapter is expected to be nearly twice as powerful as its 25W one, we would certainly expect to see a greater improvement than the S22 Ultra’s reduced full charge time by just 5 minutes. On the other hand, this is not the first time that users have been disappointed by the discrepancy between the company’s promises and the reality of the facts. This time around, however, the Galaxy S22’s performance could really disappoint loyal customers a lot. After all, everyone expects a better recharge in case the holder is more powerful. It is not so?

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