Il Galaxy S22 Ultra avrà un display quasi piatto thumbnail

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an almost flat display

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an almost flat thumbnail display

Although Samsung was the first to release curved screens years ago, now the company would appear to be intent on slowly reduce the curvature to a minimum of its flagship phones. According to some advances released by the Ice Universe leaker, in fact, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a very small display curvature. And although this has been a hallmark of Samsung for years, the smartphone could arrive on the market with flat display and vertical edge. Just like Apple’s new iPhone.

Galaxy S22 Ultra: The display will have a reduced curvature

The Galaxy S22 Ultra display will no longer have the curvature that Samsung has accustomed us to. And indeed this will be reduced to a minimum. This was revealed by leaker Ice Universe, who reports that the curvature of the new smartphone should be smaller than that of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and perhaps more similar to that of the Galaxy Note10 +. In conclusion, goodbye to the curved screen, or so it seems. On the other hand, in the past Ice Universe had revealed that Samsung would have abandoned the curvature of the display to switch to the flat screen in perfect Apple style.

And now that moment seems to have finally come. Although this revelation strongly contrasts with the leak released by a former Samsung employee, according to which the screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra still retains a slight curvature. As well as i S22 and S22 + models, which will tend to have a flat screen, but still with minimal curvature. What appears to be certain is that the S22 series will have a display shorter and wider compared to the previous S21 line. But these are only guesses. Nothing more. But what seems to be clear is that Samsung is slowly ditching the curved screen. We’ll see.

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