The Galaxy S22 will have a brighter display than the iPhone 13

Il Galaxy S22 avrà un display più luminoso dell'iPhone 13 thumbnail

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 it will certainly be compared with the recent iPhone 13, being its closest competitor. In this regard, it would seem that the new Ultra model could have a significant advantage over any other Apple smartphone. According to the Ice Universe leaker, in fact, the maximum display brightness of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is superior to that of any other Samsung OLED display.

Galaxy S22: The display will be brighter than that of the iPhone 12

Apparently, the display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be much brighter than that of any iPhone 13. At the moment, we do not know how to quantify the brightness, but we can make a comparison with the nearest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which exceeds and 1500 nights. A remarkable number, if we consider that the range of the iPhone 13 barely reaches 1200 nits. So, considering that Samsung’s predecessor already outperforms Apple’s current model, it’s clear that we should expect a smartphone with a highly bright display.

From what is reported by Ice Universe, however, this detail would only concern the equipment of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Exactly as happened for the S21 series, of which only the Ultra model reaches 1500 nits of brightness (the others oscillate around 1300 nits approximately). As for the models S22 e S22 Plusinstead, we know that they will be equipped with flat screens and a symmetrical frame, which will make them very similar to the iPhone 13, especially considering that they will not have the notch. Despite this, the camera design would appear to be vastly different from that of Apple’s smartphones.

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In short, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus models seem to be very similar to their predecessors. Conversely, the Ultra would seem to be the one that presents the greatest number of novelties: a design similar to the Note, one slot per la S Pen and a significantly brighter display. Although the current Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra already features the brightest display currently on the market.